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can weight loss cause TSH level to become elevated

I have been taking synthroid for 12 years. 2 months ago, I had a blood test and the doctor said my TSH was normal and did not change the current dose.  Shortly afterward, I began dieting.  After losing approximately 15 lbs, I had my TSH checked again through a health screening program offered at my work. The result was a TSH level of 9.3.  Can weight lose or dieting cause the TSH level to become temporarily elevated? Will it return to normal once my weight loss stops? Is a level of 9.3 something that I should be immediately concerned about?
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Any physical or hormonal changes will effect the thyroid (and other) hormones. Weight will change the med dosages

menopause will change everything too. Each month our monthly cycle changes things - even certain foods and exercise will move these levels around.

It's how our body was designed and when it is healthy - we don't think about it because we adapt naturally.

Being a thyroid disease patient we have to be concious of these changes and compensate for the change. This applies mostly to patients that have no thyroid function due to surgery or RAI.
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I had the opposite happen to me like Pep indicates...as I lost weight (finally) they lowered my dose.  That is strange.... if you want to keep losing weight a 9.3 is something to be concerned about. Good luck!
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I would think that weight loss would cause the opposite to happen... Less volume (body mass), less meds to maintain.  I don't have anything real to base this on, just a hunch...  I'll let others get more specific...  I wish you luck in your journey...
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