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I have been on thryoid medication for a few years now. The doctor says my thyroid hormone levels fluctuates as do my symptoms.  My fingernails are the worst and I am so very tired and weak.  They are very soft and thin with ridges.  I thought the synthyroid was supposed to help with these issues.  Am I wrong and is something else going wrong

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get a manicure every two week's it will help i do my own and they are much better it will take about six month to a year but i will work
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Post your FT4 and FT3 levels. How much Synthroid are you taking? You may need more Synthroid or some T3 like Cytomel added to your Synthroid.  You still sound hypothyroid.

Also, has this doctor checked your adrenals with the 24 hour saliva test? Many hypos will have adrenal fatigue, which will also cause us to be tired. I am feeling MUCH better since starting adrenal cream.

BTW - Why are you on thyroid hormone? Hashimoto's Disease?

:) Tamra
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