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hyperparathyroidism HELP

In 2005 I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. My calcium level and my pth level kept going up and down. I also had nodules on my thyroid, I had an operation with a general surgeon and he took out half of my thyroid but could not find the bad parathyroid. There was one parathyroid he could not find at all the left superior. The right inferior parathyroid seemed nodular so it was removed and frozen. Tests came back and it was normal. In 2008 I had more blood work my calcium was 10.5 with a normal pth 38 so my doctor said I should wait until my calcium goes up or I get kidney stones and then he would do something about it. In 2009  my calcium is now 10.6 and my pth is 39.2, my vitamin d level is in the normal range and my ionized calcium is high at 5.8. I have been to parathyroid.com many times and read and reread. I have changed dr's many times, the new dr is telling me that I am one of those people that have high calcium and not hyperparathyroidism. I do not but that but I am confused at times. I will keep on fighting and get retested, I am going to see if I can find a good endrocrinologist. My symptoms are getting worse, frequent urination, acid reflux, gall bladder problems, sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and throw up. Now I am getting heart palpatations and my blood pressure keeps going up and down. Also I should mention that my brother had a successful hyperparathyroid operation. My question is do I really have this disease, at times I am so confused.
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Have you been to the part on parathyroid.com 'about us'. Dr. Norman provides his email address. He is very good at responding to your questions. I had fluctuating PTH, but my calcium had only gotten to a 10.4. I actually paid to have the phone consult with Dr. Norman and it was worth it, but you can email him your lab results and questions.

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I have been reading some of your posts.  I too corresponded with Dr. Norman due to
high blood calcium levels (always in the 10s) - PTS around 50 - osteopenia -2.2.  He said about an 80% chance.  Did you have surgery with him?

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