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new doctor for hypothyroidism

Hello to all, I have a new doctor at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, he is an endocrinologist.  He met with me and was pretty thorough and reduced my medications from 150 of Levothyoxine to 25 mg.  He also suggested I increaes my Cymbalta.  I called my doctor today and the nurse told me the reason for the 150 mg was that my family doctor wanted to help me with extra weight loss and thought this might do the trick.  I asked about Cymbalta as I am taking 60 mg and he increased it to 120 mg, sort of nervous about this as it is designed at high doses for people with pain.  That isn't me.  We will see.  The endocrinologist indicated my doctor had me in hyperthyroidism.  Guess he had a reason but he certainly didn't talk to me about this.  Any advice suggestions.
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150 down to 25 is a huge drop. Do you have an order / schedule for testing levels in a few weeks?  What were your levels (and the ranges)?
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Wow. He dropped you from 150 to 25 ? Is that mg or mcg?

I was changed from 125 mcg to 100 mcg, and I could tell I hit a break wall, extremely fatigued...My TSH went from .44 to 5.90 within 6 weeks, needless to say I was put back on 125 mcg.
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it was 150mcg.  I can't remember now my levels but it was in the hyperthryroid range.  I will be patient, but yesterday was a tough day trying to feel good.
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I have taken 120 mg Cymbalta without any problems, however, each person is different.  I don't currently take it.

Cymbalta is a SSRI, which can increase the effect of the levothyroxine. (I asked my endo about what affect it had on someone on thryroid meds).  It could be your endo is worried that you are already hyperthyroid and increasing the Cymbalta will increase the effect of the levothryoxine.

Hopefully your endo will check your labs again in a 5-6 weeks to see how you're doing on the new dosage.
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Would you please post your actual thyroid test results and reference ranges?
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