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really bad throid results

michelle here hey can someone please help me ive had 2 blood tests under 2 weeks and they say my levels are always up and down ive been having constipation huge weight loss now i just found out i have to go back to my endocronologist at the hospital  to see whats going wrong i got  a huge shock  im under a lot of stress and my stress is killing feeling depressed a lot . whaT  does this mean if u cant get stable readings. nornaly a dr at my gp changes my pills but this is more than it this time is quite serious from michelle
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michelle my thyroid t4 is going up and down each time im under a lot of stress dont know if that can muck me around have to see my endo this time my dr doesnt know whats going on
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Hi Michelle;
Are you taking your synthroid at the same time every day, and always on an empty stomach?  If not, that could change your test readings.  Also, the fact that you are losing weight will possibly make it necessary to change your dose.  You probably need a lower dose. For the constipation, are you drinking lots of water?  I take a magnesium supplement which helps prevent constipation, as I need to take a lot of calcium.  I hope you are feeling better soon.  .
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I sent you a PM
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