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alright im almost 19. and i know im over weight; but how much should an average girl weight at 19 years old who is 5'5?
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Im thinking it is like 138-150 lbs.  Somehow these number never appear on my scale! : P
If you want to double check plug in BMI in the google bar and that will help you a lot.

Tado dont be hard on numbers. I work in healthcare and see people who are slightly over weigth and conditioned well, and then there are skinny people that are deconditioned. Not to mention if you have thyroid problems.

I had gastric bypass and lost 125 lbs, (was like 250-something) I use to be so fixed on the numbers until a dietitan told me that its not enirely about the numbers you also have to look healthy too. I still am about 20lbs and just finally embraced it. I walk every day, drink water and try to get rest.

Just remember our bodies are just packages that hold our" true person " within.

Good luck, Red  
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A particularly useful body mass index calculator is halfway down the page here:


Ignore the "kids" word on the site -- their calculator halfway down the page is set for people 20 and under.  Most of the calculators online assume you're over 20.  

I agree totally with Red -- weight alone doesn't say much about health or fitness.  Focus serious energy on those two things and you'll have a longer, happier life than you ever will watching the numbers on the scale.
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