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Chagas infection?

Good afternoon/evening!

I’ve been reading the news about Chagas disease lately and I have a concern and some questions.
Here’s my concern:

About 6 years ago, I dated a man in the US Air Force who was born in Central America (Panama or Costa Rica, I think?) We dated for a few months. At one point in our relationship, we were French kissing and I tasted blood. It was a tiny amount (not even visible in my saliva, but I still tasted it) I spit the saliva out immediately and he told me that he had a loose tooth and was going to the dentist later that week. He apologized.

I have been reading in recent news articles that Chagas is a blood-borne disease and I am concerned of any potential for transmission if he were to have been carrying it in his blood.

I have visited the doctor numerous times since this event six years ago and had repeated blood tests of varying types – none of which showed anything abnormal.

The rational side of me tells me that he was a US Air Force military officer and infection with Chagas is extremely unlikely.  I am also very healthy and active, for the most part. The rational side of me also tells me that my risk was pretty much non-existent and that it is simply my OCD getting the better of me.

As a medical professional, do you believe that I have cause to worry about this incident 6 years ago?
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Based on the details in your posting, what you describe is a very unlikely if not impossible way for a person to be infected with the parasite that causes Chagas disease.


~ Dr. Parks

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I also forgot to add that I have donated blood to the Red Cross approximately three times since then and never gotten anything negative in return.
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