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A few months ago,  I was stopped dead in my tracks (was leaving work, simply walking to my car)with this horrendous pain under my left shoulder balde. It was so bad, I could hardly breath, turn my head or walk to my car.  It went away w/in a few days to a week. About a month after that, the same thing happened (was just standing on my front porch, went to go inside)but to the right side this time.. Again, that went away with in a few days.. Now, about 2 weeks ago or so, it happned on the right side again. Only this time, it's now affecting my arm movement. I don't feel the the pain under my shoulder blade, however, it runs from the base of the right side of my neck to the upper part of my shoulder, just above my shoulder blade. - It hurts to move my head,the right side of my upper body or even to cough.The pain goes all the way to my wrist  - even using the mouse at work. The only time I can relive the pain is if I place my right arm on top of my head - It is not affecting my breathing.. but the pain is steady - it does not go away, even with pain killers - makes for a very restless night of sleep(and extremely uncomfortable that carries throughout my day. I know I need to go to the Doctor - however, till then.. Any thoughts on what it might be?
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I suspect this is to do with trapped nerves and muscles spasms in your neck and in the spinal column.
And as you mention that you work with a mouse, then you have a job that is repetitive and sit at a computer screen.  It is therefore likely to be what is called as upper limb disorder due to use of display screen equipment.

It is a good idea for you to see your doctor.  
Wear a scarf to keep your neck warm.
You really need a few weeks away from the computer to allow for healing.
If you are not able to do that, then ask your employer to do a screen display risk assessment and to make sure you are sitting correctly at your desk and placing your hands correctly over the keyboard.  You may need to write down your problems in to the accident report book if this is a work related problem.

Also make sure you take adequate rest breaks away from the computer.

Whilst you are having this acute problem, ask your employer if there is temporary alternative work for you to do to limit your time at the keyboard.
May sure you do not sit in a draught.

wishing you a speedy recovery

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please do not waste any more time.  It is urgent for you to go to the ER if you are not able to see your Primary care doc and you are still having pain. I am not a doc but the symptoms could mean heart related problems and it would be best to go to be checked out as soon as possible.  It is not normal.
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Go see your doctor because pain in the arms could be signs of a heart condition. Might want to be checked out to be on the safe side.
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