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Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Alpha-1, COPD, health anxiety???

I'm a 33 year old male. In 2006 I had an x-ray for a nasty cold, I was 25 or so at the time. The findings: Heart is normal size. Lungs are hyperinflated. Aorta and pulmonary vascularity are unremarkable. There is not acute lung or infiltrate or congestive heat failure. Impression: Hyperinflated Lungs, no acute cardiopulmonary disease.

In 2009, i had bronchitis and doctor only said they found it on x-ray but never gave me explanation of what they found. Same for 2011, bronchitis only lasted for 1-2 weeks.

Then in 2010, same hospital and chest x-ray was normal. Findings - there is no evidence of acute inifiatte or plural effusion. The heart size is withini normal limits. Bony thorax is unremarkable. CONCLUSION, normal chest.

Since then 2011-2015 I had check ups, and chest x-rays were all normal.

I was diagnosed with asthma when I came down with pneumonia at 16, but never needed an inhaler to play sports. I'm still active to this day and never had an attack.

So what bothers me, is that I am not sure if it's ALPHA-1, mild asthma, COPD (since i smoked marijuana for 8 years straight) or even atypical cystic fibrosis. I've been reading stories of people being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis after years of chest infections and sinusitis (which I get almost every year)

Docs are not taking me serious. I want to go to CF adult clinic but they need: culture, chest ct scan, genetic testing and more. My doctors kinda smirk at me, since they know I have really bad anxiety. My only systems are IBS (confirmed by colonscopy and MRCP) and yearly sinus infections. My son often gets the cold and passes it on to me. I guess if I did have CF, I would be the lucky 1-2% that's able to have kids.

My flow peak meter is below average, but I feel fine. No wheezing, out of breath or coughing. My Protein electrophoresis, liver, heart, kidney, cbc were all fine.

Any advice on what to do? My mom died of lung cancer, she smoked cigs for 15 years, I quit smoking pot when she passed. My psychologist tells me to cool it down and psychiatrist has me on xanix when needed.
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You might want to get blood work done to test ferritin, D3, magnesium and B12
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Im just currious, what would be the reason for the blood tests?

vitamin and metabolism. Trying to see if there is anything that might be making the respiratory system lazy.
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Low Vitamin D can cause many health issues. Doctors don't normally test for it. Magnesium deficiency is tougher to check for, but pretty common also. Ferritin and B12 are overlooked and if testing just good to check them all.

D levels should be 50ng/mL or higher to be at optimal levels. When you D3 is low you have more inflammation in your body. Low magnesium affects muscles and other functions.
The test for D3 is 25OH Vitamin D. US lab range says normal is 30-100ng/mL. Anything below 50ng/mL isn't good.
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I want you to go see an allergist/Immunologist. I think its allergic asthma. It explains the decreased lung capacity and the sudden asthma at 16. There is a drug that recently got approved for treating this called Xolair. It is a biologic drug, and can be expensive, but I have a feeling that if you meet the indicators, you will be able to get it and have your asthma and allergies improved significantly.
Labs: ANA, Sed Rate, IGE total, Respiratory Allergen Panel based on where you live, Mold Panel, CBC, CMP, TPO Antibodies, Food Allergy Panel.

If you have nasal symptoms as well and your nasal spray isn't working, QNASL is amazing, especially if you have tried Flonase and Nasonex/Nasocort, etc already. If it isn't covered, try Zetonna.
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Do nasal flushes and lung steams , there spraying loads of aluminium in the atmosphere something to do with the sun but I don't want to get it conspiracies here , but dry lungs , dry sinus , dry in hey ear canals , you should

Make three litres of water with half table spoon of sea salt one chopped lemon skinless , keep room temp drink every two to three days , do nasal flushes every week , and do lung steams three times a week , magnesium , vit b12 and switch to paleo diet and corn syrup is in everything and then new gm crops are deadly
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