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Lung Pains After Having Pleurisy Years Ago

I hate to seem to be the one to moan, but I once had pleurisy when I could have been about ooh say 20-22/23 yrs old. But that stabbing shoulder blade achyness lung pain it caused has  never seemed to go whenever I go out in cold air and breathe in it kicks in that  
nasty pleural pain between shoulders pain and it is pretty bad, all I recollect was having no scans but the gp immediately stephascoping me and saying acute pluerisy do not go out stay indoors don't smoke etc etc. Any way some point onward from then maybe a year or two after that savage lung pain shoulder pain stabbing just never ever went away, I think I recall going back say months after this pleurisy and telling this gp look I have major back pain mid shoulders like that pluerisy is there really similar pain almost the same but a bit lesser, he said do you feel it more in cold air like frosty air etc and I wasnt going to make it up I said yeah, why what is it clearly you know then he said you likely have had lung scarring adhesions are they??? I didnt see the same gp after but man that lung stabbing pleurisy feeling stabbing never ever left it is there often on and off but I absolutely cannot breathe in cold air I believe it should have had further care but didnt what do the pros think?
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What I do know os as I was always smoking at that time and I did collapse from it twice so it was nasty I didn't cough lots of blood but yeah it did feel like I was being stabbed during coughing and that made me collapse my legs twice, but it did go away but that return visit to that gp that time he said it is probably lung scarring adhesions from your lungs vibrating against the ribs during the infection, but yeah maybe so?? But all I know is that still hurts like mad breathing cold air similar to pleurisy stabbing pains and I had begun to have similar stabbing pains just smoking later so quit, but this pain won't ever go away it comes back consistently, so my other question is is this a problem and needs further examination etc or what? As All the searches of long term damage from pleurisy appear to insist that anything pleurisy related is merely short term, or is this likely long term lung damage from that pleurisy can that happen even I guess is the big question???
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The only way you're going to find out is to go see a specialist who will do diagnostic testing, something GPs don't usually do.  
Yup chest X-ray or even computer tomography would be good. an ultrasound for lungs is also good.  does it hurt more when you inhale or when you exhale? How is your blood pressure? Just to be 100% sure I would suggest an ECG for your heart. Sometimes it hurts in cold air too (I know, sounds crazy). Actually adhesions after pleurisy are quite common. And them causing problems is nothing extraordinary. Unfortunately. Good luck! ;)
Thanks for both replies yeah pain occurs when inhaling if it's eg. a frosty morning or very cold it's just like having that stabbing pain almost exactly identical that you have during pleurisy when it's taken hold badly it's usually not double sided so not often both front mid to lower rib level but on a odd occasion it has been that's far less common that's in an odd instance when it's really cold and it can hurt front behind ribs likely almost certain lungs behind different heights so lower lungs mid lung upper lungs it's synchronous pain so simultaneous to both sides on happening, but it's really common when cold outside that i breathe in that cold air and it triggers that pain pretty much identical to the pains felt when having bad pleurisy at the back between the shoulders and encroaching on occasion deviating to one or both far sides mid spine height adjacent to the lungs, it can be continual until back indoors where it fades in moments to minutes sometimes 10's of minutes like up to 30mins before dissipating, but it's uncanny it's a "yep that's the same as pleurisy" moment it just instant you have had that pain before and it's that pleurisy pain.
There's no cough or coughing and no passing blood or passing out just a sheering worsening pain between the shoulder blades mid lung either and or both lung areas when very cold out, go back indoors and it fades, i reckons it's adhesions as i hear they are for life and the GP back then said he knows what it is it has to be adhesions from the pleurisy, question there is if an likely is a correct diagnosis without tests what do I do in the UK here to get someone to actually bother doing tests for this thing as the government is so tight on real testing and scans what's the one test that would instantly tell you if it's lung damage either and or something else referred pain from something else?
I'm thinking ask them to do a mri of the entire torso that's got to pick anything up i imagine will they do it on request lol highly unlikely they'd probably say have a x-ray that will show zero i bet to cut back on mri's but you know if you some day asked for an mri they settle on a x-ray and it was cancer which it is not clearly but if it was they'd have the cheek to say ah well you know and that would be it act of god when actually it's a lack of acting sending you to meet god lol.
Every single GP and or Doctor should exhaust all possible means immediately with lung related pain I say, because it only takes one assumption with the lungs one oversight and it could kill someone it's an area of the body I'd not ignore complaints about if I were a GP or Doctor that's for certain. To be honest lung/heart pains should warrant a mandatory mri and so should any and all motorcycle crash injuries that's my opinion.
Another thing to think of making mandatory would be that all resident doctors and nurses undertake a diagnostic medicine training course,  That could seriously reduce wait times/long term cost/and remove 75%+ of liability claims because the likelihood of a miss diagnosis for serious oversights dwindles when using mri's vs a x-ray regardless of initially cost it's going to save billions of pounds and millions of lives and reduce waiting times significantly.
It's like my lung issue if i finally say go for an mri and it's click your fingers diagnosis eg. it could be might not be but may be lung adhesions, well if the GP initially had the authorisation to book a mri of the torso front/back he'd have probably known years ago and treatment then would have been cheaper than treatment now, it just bewilders me why these GP's 3 different ones i mention it too over years from back when I had pleurisy not sure when I am 39 might have been about 20-22 then but had I had a torso mri they'd not have me asking you then having to go for tests now, if someone had mri' that then we'd not be discussing it and have the clearest picture image wise yet of the whole torso, but if the nurses and doctors had some diagnostic medical training before graduating then they'd have both the perception and the results to have resolved if in the first 24hrs to two weeks but here we are now 2022 and walking back over a persisting case from 17-19 years ago that's been left to gestate that just makes no economical or logical sense from a medical or financial standpoint what so ever???
I have noticed that every single hospital visit i have had not that many and only when i have a real issue , believe it or not I'm no hypochondriac I'm in here because my GP's have retired and i don't even know my current GP's name only there new surgery well i can't even remember the name thank's covid? The take away from any hospital visits every time i have been over the years  there has been an ever growing waiting time and that grows hours longer every time you go a&e in a hospitals, and so do posted and/or phone call test results from scans and blood-work etc etc, so why has diagnostic medicine not been incorporated into a mandatory form of education for both doctors and nurses that are currently being trained? Instead people are either  being told after a skim over with a useless x-ray to go home only to return hrs later to then be told on say a 3rd visit that it warrant an mri scan and a specialist to diagnose you???

I my self have been under the head of general surgery at a near by hospital here for a stomach issue, it took 3 and 6 month gaps for two call back follow ups a direct face to face with him prior to return a diagnosis of none sigmoid diveculosis now I will not contest nor dispute that diagnosis in part for this stomach pain issue so absolutely it's part diveculosis but there is a secondary factor i asked everyone a fair few with diveculosis and ibs isn't that all dull pains yeah? they all said yes dull pain but here's another dilema so discharged from the chief of surgery as diveculosis diagnosis so why do i continue to feel a sharp pain then when diverticuli conditions and ibs only dull ache yet this i get is a combo of yeah the toilet and dull ache aspect but there is this never ending on and off recurring sharp needle insertion pain in my lower right side i suspect a dual problem yes no doubt diverticulosis but a possible hital hernia progressing but more likely as the pain is intense you won't cry but it damn well hurts like a dull knitting needle pressing into a deep organ, i suspect diverticulosis and a possible ver slow building but building now chronic grumbling appendix? but see what it's like in the UK you wait forever get a pro but then given a verdict a diagnosis that doesn't account for all aspects but i have a strong suspicion as a diagnostician doctor a&e when it began before any bad tummy + sharp pains it was just that knitting needle pain he said after i suggested chronic appendicitis , he said hmm that's a really good I maean extremely good guess mate he said it really could be it can persist for 7-8 yrs at times before it goes acute or ruptures he said if i had to guess i'd go gall stones first choice and your choice second, well i had fbc and x-ray contrast 2 endoscopy's one with a tissue sample all negative for fungal/fecal samples to all none infectious no hiatal hernia just low throat pressure whn swallowing, intersting was that a gp got bllods a year or 9months say prior to that lot those showed a slightly low kidney function and ironically in the a&e barrage of scans and endoscopies x-ray barium and one contrast the bloods again showed slightly low kidney function for them, but they don't hurt it's my front right lower area to the right of my belly button looking down, yeah the diverticulosis causes nausea i won't vomit but man you feel like you should have like major sea sickness but then this needle insertion sharp pain it feels detached a separate issue i can't help think it's got to be an organ so one of three guessing first guess appendix my 2nd is kidneys and 3rd liver i hope it's not my liver i have no jaundice so highly improbable to be ongoing and progressively very little by little increasing in frequency and pain level to be a kidney or liver issue you'd highly likely not hold back on vomiting you'd have to start turning a paler shade of yellow by now to lol but i still think this head of general surgery was to fast on the trigger to discharge from care getting that diverticulosis diagnosis it's just screaming out to me it's two problems and it's saying to me best guess a growing concern that's appendix related may not be any of  my 3 choices but i'd bet on appendix if i had to choose or failing that liver next then kidneys but it's not flank it's front lower right me looking down 2inch aside my bellybutton sometimes spanning over to the opposite side suddenly traversing that right to left real rare it spans right. Only other one might be i have not said is say a bowel problem warranting a proper scan??? i'll say this much i never get anything by half or a bit i tend to go ages without seeing a doctor or dentist or ever feeling ill but this thing has me thinking I just do not like this and i absolutely do not trust it but as I was discharged from care with a diagnosis of none sigmoid diveculosis it feels to me it's like my only option now is hope it's not your liver rotting real gradual as that apparently can go unnoticeable for absolutely ages before showing it's ugly face but that's totally unlikely it's same with kidneys you'd yellow weith it and definitely vomit liver and kidneys for sure but what won't do any of these and will fly under the  radar for a real long time until critical is your appendix, it's been called by some doctors "the great pretender" and "the great masquerader" as it's a real illusive symptom condition when it's long term (chronic appendicitis) acute appendicitis is blaintant not chronic appendicitis though it can remain all but invisible for years,  if it's chronic appendicitis then it's fitting with every single symptom but i just don't know??? It's too sharp for diveculosis or ibs I think and i do not have upset stomach ever when this other sharp pain kicks off the diveculosis on the other hand that is totally obvious stands out like a sore thumb you can get immense sudden onset nausea and extreme stomach churning either and or extreme stomach ache and you'll need rapid toilet visits you may miss a couple if not quick enough to meh lol and it's clear if it's diveculosis related by your waste's consistency when going the toilet, but this sharp needle organ pain thing can come on at will any random time no prior sensation or warning sign and it feels much more like a serious concern it's very acute sudden and it knocks creates a strong anxiety it dwarfs any pain you have with a diverticula condition for damn sure.
It's not gallstones or kidney stones that sharp pain either as i had an ultrasound when it got so intense i went a&e I returned 3x in 24hrs before being sent to a diagnostic department that ran the uc and endoscopy with tissue and the x-ray contrast, yeah i have diverticulosis i do know that but the sharp pain i reckon i think right it's an organ pain it's very sudden very sharp pulsatile on off on off rapid successions then woomf it's just vanished could be several times a day once a day or not once in a day but usually multiple little micro bursts in each day but it always comes back it doesn't go with spearmint tablets for diveculosis or with omeperazole and peptac or two omeprazole for reflux which leads me to think well yeah that's becuase it ain't reflux or diverticula obviously it's an organ right side or referred pain from another organ in proximity eg. appendix/bladder/bowl/kidneys/liver
I'm going to rule out bowl or bladder and their associated cancers to as not passing blood or vomiting a lot, leaves appenix/liver/kidneys i would aim at if betting i'd say appendix or referred pain of the liver.
The only other thing and it would tally up to prior blood-work tests would be a possible low kidney function problem, it would like they say often it's the simplest explanation and the 2 separate full blood count blood test did both show a slightly low kidney function. but the last one of those was about guess here no less than 18months ago but more likely say 24 months or more, and my pure uneducated assumption based guess would be if this were a kidney problem pain well 2yrs and more surely it would have gone renal colic pain ages ago leading to surely by 2yrs or more since kidney failure plus i'd have been passing blood probably and definite uncontrollably vomiting etc etc wouldn't I or can low kidney function be really slow progression chronic and unnoticeable for years i doubt that very much?

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