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Blood after I pee

I have been having blood after I pee for about 3 months now. I have been to the doctor several times with this problem. I had a urine test done a pap done and pregnancy test done. Everything came back normal.  Why am I still bleeding when I use the restroom.
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You are quite right to seek medical attention when you see blood after your urinate.  

As your urine test pap and pregnancy test came back normal, it does not mean that there is not an underlying cause for you to be bleeding after urinating.  It simply has not been found yet.

As you know that a pap test is a smear test and this is checking the cervix and vagina for abnormalities.

Blood with and after urination is usually from somewhere along the urinary tract.  Although the urine test showed that you have no infections, the doctor should still do further investigation.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and discuss with him about a referral to a urologist.  Before you get an appointment come through with the urologist, your doctor can arrange for you to have a ultrasound scan done of your kidneys, ureter and bladder and also a blood test taken to check your kidney and liver function.

Although you may not have an infection that is showing up in the urine, there may a small kidney stone that is aggravating the inside lining of your urinary tract that is causing the bleeding.  A kidney stone can be very small like a grain of sand and it can also be anywhere along the urinary tract.  The urinary tract is the kidneys, ureter, bladder and the urethra.

In the meantime drink plenty of water throughout the day.  2-3 litres is usually recommended.  Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice with water is said to help dissolve kidney stones.  If you eat a lot of peanuts and peanut butter, then stop eating it or cut down.  Peanuts and other foods contain a substance that can cause a build up of kidney stones.

If you experience any pain, especially in the lower back, the sides and below your rib cage, start feeling unwell, make an appointment urgently to see the doctor.

Urinate into a clean glass and observe to see if there is any sediment or little grains of sand.  If you can see any visible signs of blood in the urine, your urine is very dark, smelly like kidneys, or cloudy, then make an appointment to see the doctor urgently.

If the doctor that you saw will not do anything more for you, then make an appointment to see a different doctor at the surgery.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.
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what jemma told you was great.  if you get really uncomfortable you might go to the hispital.  they will run all the tests.  and you want have to wait a long time to get in to see a doctor.  mandy876
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