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Can a lipoma on my elbow burst and cause high fever and diarrhea

I noticed I had a lump on my elbow all of a sudden the size of an small egg hanging from the flap of my skin. I could move it really easily and it didn't hurt. Without really thinking about it I massage *** in assumed whatever was in it with just go away. It partially went away and flattened out and I continued working for the day that night I looked at it it was bruised and I showed it to someone and it was still a little bit of it there. The next day more bruised, I'm on blood thinners, and I continue to work. Later that night while working I was getting the chills and by the time I got home I could not warm up. I took my temperature and it was 102.8. I spent the next three days in bed with fever and terrible diarrhea. I'm now better without fever and my stomach is settling. I've lost 10 lbs and my elbow is just a big bruise now without much pain at all. Is it possible I poisoned myself from squeezing whatever was on my elbow?
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It's hard to say what happened but I doubt it.  More likely it was to separate things that coincidentally happened at the same time.  Was the lump warm that you pressed on?  Skin infection is usually hot to the touch.  And normally would take antibiotics to go away.  Your returning to normal without fever and gi symptoms is more indicative of a virus.  When in doubt though, see your doctor.  You could probably give them a call to discuss this as most are practicing telemedicine due to covid.  Which by the way, sure your fever wasn't related to that?  
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Besides the fact I'm down 10 lbs, I've no more symptoms. Slowly building up to where I was before. This was a 3-4 day virus. The lump was large but not painful or inflamed. Unable to get tested for the covid because appointments fill up fast. Also, no insurance. I appreciate your response.
Well, since you are on the mend, I'm not sure a covid test would be very helpful anyway.  Since you have no other symptoms than the weight loss, I'm not sure what to tell you other than wait and watch.  You may not have an resurgence of problems and this can be chalked up to a health thing that happened you never really understand.  I've had that before.  I wonder about an episode I had years ago.  But nothing ever came of it, nothing to worry about.  So, while you are curious, unless you have symptoms again, I'd not fret over this too much.  Is the weight gain welcome or must you now gain some weight back?
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