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Can you help me? Tired and in pain all the time.


I'm new here. I don't really know if this is the right forum, if it isn't I'm sorry. I also posted this in another community, I'm sorry if that isn't allowed. Also English is not my native language, so I apologise for any mistakes.

I've been having back and neck pain for about three years now. It started out mild but just keeps getting worse. I've had x-rays and one MRI. The first x-ray (2019) showed spondylosis/spondylarthrosis with bony spur formation in my upper back and neck, but the follow up x-rays all came back normal and show nothing, including the most recent one (2022). According to my medical file, the MRI (2020) showed a small bone spur in the neck and mild spondylarthrosis in the upper back, but my doctor told me it was normal and showed nothing. Another doctor said he also saw discopathy in one vertebra, however, he told me this over to telephone and it was never recorded in my file (I've asked for it to be put in, but haven't had a reply yet). My doctors (I've seen 4 so far, my primary one, two rheumatologists and one internist) seem to prefer to treat the exams that show nothing as the real ones and the ones that do show things as strange occurrences and can't explain them.

I'm just at loss for what to do. I am in pain all the time. I can't get out of bed in the morning and I can't sleep at night because of the pain. I am also dealing with constant fatigue, muscle aches and brain fog, and as of late I have also been feeling pain in both my hands (but the x-ray of my hands also showed nothing). I can't work or go to school. I am unable to have a social life (this is difficult for everyone considering the state of the world right now, but I think that even if that virus disappeared I still wouldn't be able to socialise like I used to). Over the counter pain meds don't work, and my doctor won't give me anything stronger because I haven't got a diagnosis, but she also told me she won't give me a diagnosis because they don't know why I am in pain. I get the feeling that they don't really believe me or that they think I am exaggerating. Or that it's all psychological or something. I've developed depression as a result of all this, but the doctors seem to try and use that as a way of dismissing me entirely. I don't see a psychologist right now and I would like to, but I am worried that that will result in giving them an excuse to completely forget about my physical problems. I was told to improve my diet and exercise more, but this doesn't help. I used to be quite fit but now I almost faint after two flights of stairs. But however much to try to get fitter, it doesn't seem to work, the pain only gets worse I and if I do anything more than just light walking I end up having some sort of "crash" where I will be completely non-functional for a week.

Is there something I can do? Or am I really crazy and is this all in my head? Are the negative results really the real ones and the positive results just blips? Is it possible for my back and neck to have degeneration that disappears later on?

For reference I've also had blood tests the latest one showed that:

I was low on leukocytes (this has happened before and comes and goes);
ALAT was 42 (this is new, ref value is 0-34);
TSH is at 4.1 (ref value is 0.40-4.0); free T4 is 16.6, most previous tests have come back normal, but I have one in which the TSH value was at 5.3 and free T4 at 19,8. I've had an echo of my thyroid and it showed nothing;
Vitamins and haemoglobin came back normal.

In 2020 I had an ANA test which was positive (speckled pattern), but a follow up Anti-dsDNA and Anti-ENA were negative. They told me I must be one of the 5% who just gets a positive ANA, but who doesn't have an auto-immune condition.

I am a 26 year old female, normal weight (I lost weight at some point during all of this but it came back; I eat vegetarian/vegan and have for years), no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, no sex. I take an oral contraceptive to help with acne and period pain, and also occasionally ibuprofen for headaches and such (it has no effect whatsoever on my back pain, so I only take it if I get another pain 'on top' of that) My dad has Scheuermann, but they ruled that out in my case. We are not close with the rest of our family, so I don't know much about their medical history.

Please let me know if you have any idea what could be causing my issues (or if you just think I am insane, cause I honestly don't know).
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