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Cause of pain undiagnosed for over year, constan ER visits.

Hello Im a 28 year old male and pretty thin not overweight. For over a year Ive had this weird pain of stinging and cold throughout my whole body. Like a cold burning numb electric sting very hard to describe. Im chronically tired and unable to work. Doctors assume Im crazy and just give me xanax or prozac Im at a loss and feel my life is over. recent symptoms Ive had include random spikes in heart rate when calm, skin seems to easily bruise now but dont know if thats related or not. My feet and legs especially seem to cramp and twitch at times. Im desperate and need pointers for doctors as they seem hesitant to test for everything at once. I just want my life back and tited of chronic agony
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It is hard to say if there is anything wrong other than the stinging pain. I get \minor pulses of pain all the time and docs say it is just some nerve issue.
Other than the stinging. all of your other symptoms are kind of vague, so you might be just associating them with the stinging by trying to make sense of it. Not that I can tell if these other complaints represent anything real or not, however they may be unrelated. For instance, many people complain of being tired yet the reason is lack of sleep, so perhaps the best step forward for you may be to consider the other complaints could be unrelated to each other and try to examine each one to determine if it truly exists then see if there is something you can do to resolve that problem. In the case of tiredness, you could examine your sleep patterns and read a book about sleep disorders to see if you can fix it.
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Hi there. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. The first problem is your tagline of constant ER visits. I know when you are in pain the ER seems the likely place to go. I would never discourage someone from going to the ER if they feel they have an emergent issue. The problem is that ER doctors, by trade, are there to stabilize patients and either admit them to the hospital or discharge them to their primary healthcare provider. My best advice is to find a healthcare provider that will listen to your symptoms, do a workup, and can follow your care. Unfortunately you will not get that from an ER.

My other concern for you is long term use of Xanax. Because of the challenges that can develop using Xanax in the long-term, it is often recommended that people not take this drug regularly for longer than a month. However, many sources are even more conservative, recommending that the drug not be used regularly for more than 2-4 weeks. The reason for this is connected with many of the side effects: Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease; an increased risk of stroke; heart damage and arrhythmia, and hypoxia.

A primary care doctor could follow your symptoms. You mention heart palpitations, which could actually be a side effect of the medication you are currently taking. It would be best to have an EKG and labs drawn. Your doctor could consider a beta blocker if that is an ongoing issue. But your best bet is being followed by a primary care provider or internal medicine doctor. I wish you all the best.
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How long have you been on prozac? I assumed you see a regular doc for that.
I am certainly NOT implying that MysterPain14 has done this, but you would be surprised by how common it is for people to present to the ER for prescription refill requests. We get many excuses from they are in from out of town and left their medication at home, to their PCP is requesting they come in prior to refilling the medication and can't get them in for a week, to the patient cannot afford a visit to their healthcare provider.

Some people come to the ER because they’re convinced other doctors they’ve seen have misdiagnosed their problem. It’s not the role of the emergency department to take someone with a chronic medical problem and try to second-guess all the other providers who have treated this patient. With these patients their expectation is that this new doctor is going to do all these tests, make a diagnosis, and get them instant relief. That’s not to say that patients with chronic conditions should never go to the ER. And of course I do not mean to come across as uncaring or rude. I just want patients to understand it is really best to be followed by the same healthcare provider for continuity of care.
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I agree, the ER is not equipped or capable of providing ongoing medical care and follow ups. They are for sudden medical emergencies, and are meant to stabilize, admit or refer you to follow up with your primary care doctor.
You need an internist or General practitioner who can refer you to the correct doctor specialties if necessary, order any tests and follow up with results.
Anxiety can produce a lot of your symptoms, as well as side effects from some medications can cause some as well.
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