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I know I need to make an appointment but what can this be ?

I had a doctors appointment. I was sent to the emergency room for a stat Ultrasound on my Left leg. Looking for a blood clot as well as what the doctor could look for in an ultrasound. I got a call back saying my blood work was normal. They changed the ultrasound on my heart from stat to routine.

Haven’t heart anything from the doctor. Looked up my medical records online and it says Diagnosis: localized edema.

I know what that means, the only way the swelling goes down is if I elevate my leg all day and watch tv. I’ve been trying to be more active because my health is sh*t regardless with my hypertension. I already take 3 different blood pressure meds. I got the ultrasound on my Heart I believe Aug 31st.

Have not heard from the doctors office since. I’ve only called them to request refill on blood pressure meds.

I do take a product called Kratom that’s over the counter and I’m quitting. My Mom this it’s from that ? Besides calling my Doctor which I was supposed to do today, I will tomorrow. What do you think the worse and best case scenario can be ? My left sock, where it cuts off completely cuts off the circulation to for my blood and it’s swollen as hell above my sock band. Feedback appreciated.
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Just one leg is swollen? They found no blood clots when you went to the ER?  I definitely think you should go ahead and schedule an exam with your primary care doctor. Your heart is not the only reason you can get leg edema.  Kidney issues and cirrhosis of the liver are two other organs that can lead to edema of the lower extremities. Edema can actually be a side effect of blood pressure medication too believe it or not.  I know congestive heart failure is often what comes to mind but there are definitely other possibilities you should look into with your doctor. The ER is for emergency care and if not an emergency, they expect you to see your primary care doctor.  So, that's your next step. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/edema/symptoms-causes/syc-20366493  
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Thanks so much for the feedback. Yeah I’m definitely going to make an appointment tomorrow. No blood clot, ultrasound and extensive blood work normal.
Heart Ultrasound normal.
When I elevate my foot/ leg no socks it almost gets to normal. I know I need to get loser / ankle socks.  I am on 4 blood pressure meds, as well as about 4 mental health meds. 1-10 (3 ) as far as activity in the last 4 years and diet so I’m sure I brought this on myself. I do have hypertension. The Doctor was sure that it would be a blood clot almost and if not she’d know what to look for in the Ultrasound of my heart.

Not knowing is what gets to me….Anticipating. If I new I can deal with it and act accordingly.
I do take kratom which I’m quitting. Seroquel for sleep ( which I read is the most dangerous medications out their ) antipsychotic. So I haven’t been taking it.

Anymore feedback would be appreciated mate. Yes just left leg and foot.  ( blood pressure has been good every time as well ) I do worry about heart failure and kidney problems ( blood pressure made my Creatine go off the charts once because my blood pressure was so high. ) just feels like this is one of the issues that is not going to be solved.  ( sounds crazy I know ) it’s been like this for so long to where I am used to living with it.

Can it be bad circulation? Considering my foot will fall asleep so fast and I was on Xbox for so many years of my life I wasn’t living health so I’m now back into exercising, but have to start off slow. Thank you.
I was going to say what has been said, this may very well be a side effect of your BP meds.
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