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Could mold sickness be the cause of my vaginal irritation?

For the last nine months I've had problems with my vulva and anal area being really dry and irritated with a burning sensation (it used to itch a bit, but not much anymore, mostly red and burning).  I've been tested for every STD and infection and haven't come up positive for anything.  I've also stopped using soap in that area and only wear cotton underwear now.  I switched detergents as well.  Nothing has been working.  About five months ago, I also had problems with blurred vision and massive migraines that lasted two months- I got a cat scan and was tested for diabetes - everything was normal.  The blurred vision and migraines have gone away, but I'm still having the vulva/anal irritation.  One thing I never did tell the doctors I have been to was that I had taken massive amounts of psychedelic mushrooms over a three day period within a week of the onset of my symptoms.  I've always been too scared to mention it - and couldn't find any info on the internet that would suggest this could be a cause.  But now I'm wondering if there is a possibility of this causing mold sickness.  Does this sound like a probably cause?
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Irritation and burning in vagina and anus can be due to allergy to latex of condoms,allergy to diaphragms or female condoms afteran intercourse and pinworms.Mold allergy mainly causes respiratory symptoms and it causing vaginal or anal irritation is extremely rare.

Have you got stool examination for pinworms done? Enterobiasis, or pinworm infection as it is commonly called, is an intestinal infection caused by the parasitic roundworm called Enterobius vermicularis. The main symptom is irritation and itching around the anus.
Pls consider these possibilities with your doctor.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Thanks for your response!  

I haven't been sexually active for awhile - so the latex allergy couldn't be a cause.  I have thought about the possibility of pinworms, but have read that the itching happens during the night time, but my irritation is pretty much all day long. :(  

I also forgot to add that my tongue has turned incredibly whitish, which I've read is a symptom of mold sickness.
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Whether you are having allergy as a result of eating the mushrooms or not can be confirmed by investigations.Pls consult an allergy specialist and get investigations like skin ***** or patch test(small amount of allergen is introduced in the skin of forearm and signs of any redness or erythema are noted),blood tests like RAST and food challenge test.

If you have susceptible allergy to mold,then specific treatment for this can be started.White tongue is not pathognomic of mold allergy.It can be found in various other conditions also.Some of them are candida infection,oral lichen planus,leukoplakia,alcohol or cigarette smoking,immunosuppression,chronic illnesses,SLE,AIDS and EBV infection.

Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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hi, I came cross your question and I also had terrible burning of the same areas you describe. I had this for almost 5 years, and tried everyhting, no doctor had an answer or a cure. I saw a nutritionist last year and she told me I had many food allergies. She gave me supplements from Standard Process Company, one was called "Zypan" and the other is "Lac-tenz". I stayed away from my food allergies, and took the supplements and the burning  stopped, thank God!! I did have radiation treatment 11 years ago, and I believe that his area is my "weak spot" . I believe food allergies of even a mold allergy could very well be your problem, if it isn't candida. ( a yeast problem) and an easy answer. Let me know if you try.
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An OB/GYN from a well known hospital prescribed Cleocin for me.  Gave me a detailed professional response, but it all came down to normal bacteria caused this problem when I become stressed.   The Rx is "Cleocin Vaginal Cream 40 gm w/7 Applicators 2%, use 1 applicatorful daily for 7 days per month".  After 1 application at night, by the next morning approx 90% of my problem is gone.  I continue the treatment for the next 6 nights.  But, read the pamphlet for all the info.  I don't use it every month, only when the problem starts.  I think it has been more than a year since I had to use it.  Good luck
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