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Dizzy, cottonmouth, anxiety

Two days ago I went for a run, got incredibly lightheaded and started having a tad bit of anxiety, stopped running, sat down for a minute, got back up and started walking and then it started all over. Called someone to come pick me up and continued to feel lightheaded for the rest of the evening. The next day I noticed my lymph nodes in my neck (just on my right side) were a tad sore but not painful to swallow. I continued to get random bouts of lightheadedness and anxiety. Also, major cottonmouth. I drink a minimum of half a gallon of water a day and eat almost a paleo diet (still allow beans and Greek yogurt).  When checking myself into an urgent care clinic last night, they did quick checks and said "oh it must be vertigo" sent me with meclizine and away I went. I finally took an allergy pill today around noon, and the meclizine around 5 and still do not feel an ounce different. Possibly even more out of it. Any one have any ideas? Fun fact, I also just moved from Seattle WA to Austin TX two months ago. Perhaps climate change? Any answers or directions could be helpful!
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   One of the side effects of Meclizine is dry mouth.  The dizziness that you experience could be a change not of climate, but of altitude.  I have no idea how high Austin is compared to Seattle - so I can't really say.  But, yes, Seattle is cooler and an altogether different climate.
     You should probably see an ENT to determine if your ears are okay.  Often times we can get an ear infection and not be aware of it until we experience vertigo or dizziness, especially if there isn't any pain associated with it.

      Hope this information was helpful... wishing you a good outcome
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It may be worth getting your blood pressure checked out and a blood test to rule out diabetes and anaemia.

With your lymph nodes in your neck being sore, it may be that you have either a bacterial or viral infection.  So it would be a good idea to see the doctor to check your throat.

The cotton feeling in the mouth may be a fungal problem and your doctor will be able to tell you whether this is the case.  He can also arrange for a mouth swab to be taken to identify any bacterial, viral or fungal infections.  These are treated differently depending if your problem is related to any of those.   Fungal infections of the mouth are usually treated by Daktarin oral gel which can by purchased over the counter from the pharmacist.
Eating live yogurt may help.

Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids so as not to get dehydrated.  When you go for a run, take a bottle of water with you and a snack in the event you experience a low sugar level.

Best wishes.
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