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Do I need to worry?

Your Value
Standard Range
WBC   11.18 x10 3/uL                3.50 - 10.80 x10 3/uL
Hemoglobin  8.6 g/dL                12.0 - 16.0 g/dL
Hematocrit    27.0 %                  37.0 - 47.0 %
Platelet Count  439 x10 3/uL     140 - 400 x10 3/uL
RBC 3.82 x10 6/uL                   4.20 - 5.40 x10 6/uL
MCV  70.7 fL                              80.0 - 100.0 fL
MCH, POC   22.5 pg                  28.0 - 32.0 pg
MCHC    31.9 g/dL                      32.0 - 36.0 g/dL
RDW      20 %                            12 - 15 %
MPV   10.0 fL                               9.4 - 12.3 fL
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I would be concerned.
Most of your values are below normal ranges, while 2 are higher and only one is within range!
There are strong indications that you may have iron deficiency microcytic anemia, thalassemia (less likely) and/or an infectious condition.
What are your symptoms and what diagnoses do you have?
Do you have any deficiencies?

Please let me know asap and feel free to include any other details which you may consider important.
Best wishes,
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Hi there. Some results are a LITTLE outside the range. They are not much out and a lot of doctors only concern themselves if itsa multiple of  2 or 3 times outside normal.
You may just need to have regular checks, but dont be panicking
God Bless
tacolino, the fact that some results are just a little out of range, should not  be a reason to overlook the low Hematocrit
(Hematocrit indicates the blood's capability of oxygen delivery-percentage of red blood cells in the blood) which is 77% of the lowest normal range value and only 57% of the highest normal range value!!
And low Hemoglobin at 72% of the lowest normal range and only 54%
of the highest normal range value!!
Hemoglobin in the blood is what carries oxygen to your cells!
The high RDW at 33% higher than the highest normal range value, is also of great diagnostic value, as it can help determine the possible cause of (suspected) cases of anemia!

Of course there's no reason to panic, however, if my doctor did not show much concern and neglected to take any action, I would be definitely seeking another opinion.

The presence of symptoms would be the ultimate factor, in determining the
significance of the CBC results!


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