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For the last couple months I have felt like i may be dying.

I went to bed one night and when i woke up the next morning my life was changed for ever

I have been having daily headaches with occasional nausea dizziness and i am usually quite fatigued all day.Sometimes it is so bad i feel weak and almost faint.The pressure seems to almost get stronger when i walk and have to do phisical activity. The headaches are lower head and neck pressure that starts mid day and usually last in tell the day is done. I am uninsured and recently bit the bullet and paid out of pocket to see a general practitioner. A over all phisical was performed blood pressure was normal. Throids felt normal. But upon inspected my nasel cavity the doctor sed my sinuses seemed inflammed and i had post nasel drip. She diagnosed it as Sinusitis with no evidence of bacterial infection. And prescribed me Albuterol for my asthma, an antihestimine for my allergies and nasonex for my sinuses and sed that that the combination should clear up my sinus problems and hopefully alleviate my headaches. But as a precautionary step She ran blood test for HIV/AIDS HEP A/B/C and syphillis a liver panal kidney panal and a thyroid panal and white blood cell count she also checked my blood suger. All test apparently came back normal.

As of recently i have also started having heart palpatations that occur during running walking it feels almost as if my heart is fluttering and i am dizzy and lightheaded alot and very fatigued I also experience shortness of breath and fainty type feeling. The other day i went for a run and by the time i got back i was so dizzy and my heart was pounding so hard i thought i was going to pass out it took almost two hours for my heart rate to come down from 100 beats per minute to 75 were it usaully rest. I most also note my blood pressure is usaully 120/70 at rest

The other night was the weirdest tho i was just sitting watching tv when all the sudden a palpitation came on. my heart rate shot up to almost 160 beats per minute and i panicked i started to shake could barely breath and felt like i was going to faint. So i Called a Cab and went to my local ER. When i got there they were shocked at my pulse rate and took me back and did and EKG and sed that if the EKG showed an Arrhythmia they were going to put my into the Code blue section and Monitor my Condition. But just as surely as they ran the EKG my heart rate started to come down and they sed everything looked fine. They kept me anyway for about two hours gave me some medication and fluids tho an IV ran some blood and urine test and a CT/Scan and sent me home.

I have also noticed that during mild phisical activity such as walking i start to feel dizzy and lightheaded.
And after phisical activity my heartrate rest at 110 beats a minute for almost an hour.

Later on that week i see a Cardiologist And he orders another EKG, A 24 holtor Monitor and an Echo cardiogram.
And to my surprise everything comes back completely normal even tho i experienced symptoms during the Holtor Monitor.

It has been almost a week since and i still expierience symptoms almost everyday. It has sucked the l;ife out of me and i am always super tired.

I have to also note the only medical conditions i suffer from are Acid Reflex disease, Asthma, Seasonal Allergies and Ulcers all of which i take medication for.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Have any of the doctors attributed the symptoms to anxiety?  It looks like they are ruling things out medically so I'm wondering if it could be anxiety related.  
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try zertec at the minium.  This may help if not see an allergiest or go to the ER and get a cat scan on your head.  These issues can actualy start from stress and you maybe experincing a more severe type of vertego... I would check in with your family physicants and he or she will tell you were you need to go.  This shoulds like the events are sort of happening symalainisly blah spelled that wrong but this maybe nothing just a bad allergies or it could be a major health issue.  Whatever way you choise hope you fell better and rest...
  - jake
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