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Freak food poisoning-like symptoms

(Gross symptoms warning)

I experienced sudden onset of diarrhoea followed by shivering, shaking, feeling like I would faint and sweating. I then vomited (this is all in the space of maybe 30-45 minutes) and after vomiting, within an hour and an Imodium, I’m entirely fine again eating full meals and feeling 100%. This has happened twice within the last month in that exact order of symptoms. The only common links I could find with the two cases were Hot Dogs, caffeine, and being with my boyfriend but none of those have triggered any sort of sickness before or inbetween these two cases. I’m concerned because I can’t find anything like it online and I very rarely get properly sick but I felt like I was dying on those two occasions. I can only think that it’s some sort of disease or condition because the idea of two identical cases with no real common link within a month when I rarely get sick just doesn’t add up.
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It might be a condition if it happened all the time.  Not just twice.  Stop eating hot dogs.  If it stops, you will be healthier anyway.  If you must have a hot dog, there are great vegetarian ones.  If you knew what went into a hot dog, that would make you sick anyway.  Again, if you stop eating hot dogs and it never happens again, problem solved.
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There is something called silent migraines, which can have a lot of the symptoms you describe. I don't know if that's what you had, but maybe something in the hot dogs triggered them. It might be that particular brand of hot dog, and a certain ingredient in them, or just hot dogs in general - they have a lot of nitrates, which is a preservative known to trigger migraines, and tons of sodium, which also can.

It's basically a migraine without the pain.  
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