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I am experiencing Brain Fog and its very confusing..

In 2005, for a few days my mind felt a little numb. My parents thought it might just be in my head. For around a week, I was the same way. It was as if there was fog over my brain.I could hear people but sometimes not really understand them. I would ask them to repeat what they said and then sometimes i would repeat what they would say in order to clear my understanding. Its like my mind used to become slow. It was slow to grasp things.

In 2006, the same thing happened again. I went to a neuro doc and he said it was nothing. I also went to a general physician who got some tests done and the result was that he said i had an enlarged liver due to the junk food i eat so i stopped all that.I was pretty overweight due to all that food intake.I also got my thyroid tests done and they were fine too. I was okay in around a week.

In 2007, nothing happened.

In February 2008, I experienced the same thing. When i was a lil better, i finally went to a neuro-physician. He asked me to get some tests done and also advised me to see a psychiatrist since he thought i might be depressed because my mother has long been suffering from a disease and things might be depressing at home.  The tests that i got done were for Folic Acid, B12 and Liver.  The results said that there was a little deficiency of Folic Acid and B12 in my body.Extreme definiceny of these things can cause a person to be anaemic.So the doc prescribed me tablets for these two things and also xanax(anti-depressant tablets.) I never got the time to see the psychiatrist by the way.

Now its been 2 months and i am suffering from the same state again. I should mention here that i have missed out on my tablets for a week. Its just been two days that i have started having them regularly. I dont know what the problem is. I am looking to switch jobs and I'm scared because my mind feels numb and it will not be of any help if i start my new job in that state.

Another thing i would like to mention here is that i am almost 25 years old. I do exercise now. I have lost weight and am not obese anymore. I dont drink enough water. Maybe a glass for the whole day. My junk food intake isnt all that much either. I do stay depressed sometimes. Sometimes its coz of work and sometimes generally in life. But thats not the story all the time. I have my fun days and hanging out with friends. I get angry really easily and it takes most of my energy. I guess i have weak nerves. My father keeps telling me to control my temper coz my mother has huntington disease and he says that anger is something that could fuel it since my mother has the disease and so us kids half 50% chance of getting it. This is one thought that sometimes does upset me.

What do you think i am suffering from? Why cant i think properly? What tests should i get done? Is there a way i can get tests done and send the reports online to some doctor who could maybe tell me whats wrong? Can you help me in any way?

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Thanks for the support samanthaverne. I am looking for things online. I am looking for tests i can get done It gets really frustrating though.
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I think you should definatley follow through on doctor's orders while you continue to sort this out.
Take your meds as prescribed unless you discuss changes with your doctor, and see a psychiatrist.  
Depression is not just about feeling down.  It is a physical disease, and tiredness, "fogines," and the like are very real symptoms of it.  Unlike a psychologist or a counselor, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who can decide on courses of meds, lifestyle changes, etc.  Additionally, he can help you sort through issues with things like anger.
You should definately follow up, or if you think your doctor's advice was off the mark, then go get a second opinion.
Unfortunately, simply searching the internet will probably not be the appropriate help you need.
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Dear nb2008,

I have excatly the same problem as you do.
At first, I thought it was Candida albicans overgrowth. A month of caprylic acid without any effect proved me wrong on that diagnose.
Then I tried iodine supplementation. I improved a bit, but there was a cap, beyond which I couldn´t go. So iodine is good, but not the saviour, that we´re looking for.
I also had a few liver flushes, since two non-allopathic doctors told me I had bad liver problems. All the flushes came out with a nice result, so I´m doing another the next weekend. Yet,
after three of these flushes, I see no difference in my mental state at all. The flushes are definitely good for the whole body, yet do not solve my brain for. Now, I started taking MMS, just to give
it a try - unfortunately without visible results (I admit, it is only my fifth day, so no surpirse, that nothing big happenned yet). Some people say it might also be caused by my body being
over acidic, which seems to be correct, because I had a very "sweet" childhood (I´m a 24 yo European) and for example my bones are half as thick as my fathers´, even though we are the same height.
Unfortunately, supplementing with Calcium or whatever that makes the body more alkaline, together with alkaline diet and ionized water, didn´t bring me any relief. The first reason is that I´m
definitely absolutely vitamin D defficient (a computer kid, that nearly never leaves the keyboard) - without vit D the body is unable to absorb calcium. So now by tries are focused on:
supplementing vit A,D and K, sunbathing (of course with caution, but without the use of sunscreen, I always tolerated sun well and Africans don´t use sunscreens at all, still the have not been extinct by skin cancer),
and after approx. a month of this regime, I will try to give myself some alkalizing things again, maybe my body is very low on calcium (which is one of the key minerals in brain synapses). If nothing of that
helps, I can always go to have a hair mineral analysis to see, how my minerals and trace elements are (for example cooper/zinc imbalance is very important for good brain function).

It might seem that trying to find out about something, that even doctors cannot either notice or explain, is like fighting a Goliath. Yet, I believe it is worth it, it is nothing more that the
quality of my life, that is at stake. After suffering for BF for the last say 7 years, I really had enough. One thing I can tell you for sure: normal doctor (symptomatic treatment) won´t help you.
I don´t want to sound like a naturopacy dealer, but the truth is that I had a course of antidepressants (Cipralex) and it didn´t help me at all, and what´s worse, if the doctors find out,
you´re low on whatever (e.g. serotonin), they can´t tell you WHY you´re low on that. Most good naturopaths can at least give you hints, why you could be low on this or that and what to do about it.
Just to give you an example of how "good" the normal health care is, my liver is absolutely fine, when it comes to the blood tests. However, as I already mentioned before, two independent alternative doctors
(Chinese medicineman and a Detox-medicineman - bot having M.D.s in my country) clearly told me, that was liver is ruined (however, couldn´t help me from it, that is another story though).

You can read about all of the thing I mentioned here on the internet. As for the liver thing, I can recommend you books written by Mr. Andreas Moritz: The Amazing Liver and GB flush; The Key to ... (I can´t remeber the whole name), you can download them at ener-chi.com of buy at amazon.
If you found out about anything new, I´ll be glad if you share it with me.

Good luck,

P.S. A great deal of information about all of this stuff is also at curezone.com ( forums: Liver Flushing, MMS, Minerals, Vitamins, Iodine ... )

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