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I did something to my thumb, looks pus-filled and/or swollen..

At first I thought I just maybe got it caught in the door and it was swollen.. But it's been a week and it seems as tho it is swollen but also " puss-filled ". It does hurt and feels weird, almost like where it is hurt I have less feeling in that portion of my thumb. It happened about a week ago I believe and the problem is I don't remember how or what exactly happened... I am prescribed xanax and I had taken a few of those & I have terrible short-term memory.. I may have squished it somehow, or a sliver? From some wood? My dad tried poking it with a needle and it did hurt... We poked it cause it looks puss-filled like a zit sorta, like there's water or something in it... But we did that with a needle and it didn't do anything really besides it looks like it tried to bleed, ( I see a little red ) but it didn't bleed and just stayed as it was, no liquid coming out... I can move my thumb just fine, it has full flexibility it seems.. Not a ton of serious pain, just very uncomfortable and when I do use it, it is hard to use and it does hurt pretty dang bad. Like tying my shoe for instance I can hardly do that because it hurts to wrap the string around my thumb, and it over very uncomfortable. I did try to take a picture of it ... I contacted my doctor, well his nurse, and I can't see him I owe bills I can't afford and the hospital, not my doctor, is refusing to see me. Can't afford to go to the E.R. if I don't have to I have soooo many debts to hospitals already. Can anyone help? Please .
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