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I need help FAST!

So for three weeks I had a sinus infection. My sinuses were inflamed and I was put on 3 different rounds of antibiotics including, allergy pills, steroids, albudural and many others. I then had a CT scan of my sinuses but they said they couldn't find anything. \

While I had my sinus infection I had a lot of pressure in my head. I wasn't sleeping or eating. Now that they say it isn't my sinuses I have no idea whats wrong. I get horrible headaches, pounding and I feel like my heartbeat is in my head. The pain is hard to describe, it is all around. In the front and in the back. My neck is very stiff and my body feels weak.I run pretty high fevers. When I am walking I feel like I could fall at any second. I get very dizzy and lose my vision. At night they don't go away. I have tried the pain relievers, a cold cloth, elevation everything to get rid of the headaches. I told my doctors this and they are not doing anything about it. I get maybe 1-2 hours of sleep because of this.

I also have not eaten. Maybe one meal a day if that. I cannot keep food down, I can't taste food and I am always nauseous and I have no appetite. Should I go see a specialist for this? I know something is wrong I just don't know what. As these are not normal.

Please offer up anything you can!
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Many if not most of your symptoms are consistent with systemic candida symptoms.
You absolutely need to rule this out, however, for now I would suggest you consider getting Prebiotics and Probiotics asap, the best quality possible.
Your intestinal flora needs to be repopulated with healthy bacteria, since you had so many rounds of antibiotics :(  and other potentially harmful drugs.
Blood tests and stool tests can miss this, so don't consider it ruled out if your results come back negative.

A strict anti-candida protocol (no yeast, no carbs & sugars which feed the candida, taking pre and probiotics & coconut oil-the best natural antifungal- lowering stress) will help expedite your recovery, should you indeed have this infection, but please note that it will take quite sometime to eradicate.

You also need to rule out Obstructive sleep apnoea, which could be related to inflammation of your sinuses with many possible consequences and complications.
Are you a mouth breather? Do you often sleep on your back?
Do you snore when you sleep?
These are common signs of OSA.
An ENT would be the one who can diagnose this.

I hope this helps, however, my suggestions and comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Best Wishes.

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See another doctor, this sounds pretty serious.

Candida could be an issue, so can food allergies. If you haven't, ask for a complete blood panel to rule out anything serious plus the Candida test.
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If you are running high fevers, that sounds like an infection of some type. A stiff neck and fever is the classic symptoms of Meningitis. Go to the ER if you need to.

I doubt that Candida would cause a high fever.
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Symptoms of an invasive yeast infection can be vague and depend on which part of the body is affected. Common symptoms include fever and chills that continue after you have taken antibiotics.
---Source: WebMD---
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