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Lower abdominal pain

Two weeks back I develooped intense pain on the right side of my abdomen radiating to the back and a very piercing pain around the lower abdomen while passing urine twice in the same day. I was diagnosed as having a slight inflamation in my renal pelvis by the Doc who did a USG and was referred to a urologist for suspected right mid uteric calculus ( I have a history of a renal calculus removal). On further investigations the urologist comfirmed that there is no calculus and said it could be due to a spinal strain as my pain was now radiating from the middle back on both sides and to right side and left sideand down to the centre of the abdomen and to the legs. (I was having difficulty walking)
I was advised rest for a few days and did so for a week. Though I have not experienced the piercing pain ever after thatstill I have some persisting pain in the lower part of the abdomen radiating to the back and legs. The pain is very prominet at the mid back, lower abdomen above the navel on the right side and below the navel and the left side and on both thighs upto calves of the legs. I also feel a pushing pain the the groin while passing urine or motion (bearable pain). I am unable to lie on my stomach or even turn to the left side with even a little pressure on my stomach.
Is this pain due to gas in the stomach or is it something else. Should I meet a doctor and if so what specialist should I meet.
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I would definitely seek a Gastroenterologist (stomach and intestine) or a Gynecologist. There are several things this could be. For instance ovarian cyst, endometriosis (growth of tissue in places other than the uterus). Appendicitis or gallbladder problems. Scar tissue could also be a problem if you had abdominal surgery in the past. I would also be suspect of a uterine prolapse. When you went to the Urologist did he check for a bladder prolapse? If not your Gynecologist can check. Pain has a strange way of radiating to different areas of the body. A back injury is still a possibility but I would check with one of the Physicians I mentioned above before jumping to any conclusions. I'm sorry that your in pain. Hopefully you will find out what's wrong. Good luck!!! :-)
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definitely go see a doc and get the ct scans
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