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Muliple conditions, diagnosis and symptoms

Having been diagnosed with many things, it is impossible to differenciate one from another.. I have been diagnosed with many things which have cross over diagnosis, many of which seem to be very similar. Why do I feel I need to be the doctor when I explain my symptoms with no response? I fear I will not be able to advocate for myself much longer. There must be a way go separate these conditions. I have osteoporosis (fractures of ribs times 3 three) fx l wrist, fx l elbow, fx thoracic vert. x two.
Myofacial pain
DDD entire spine with osteophytes osteoarthritis
Cercical spine DDD facet joint
Displaced vertebrae
Facet joint arthralgia Had epidurals, blocks and rhizotomy reducing pain by about 90%.
FMS-CFS- when diagnosed seems no further studies are done
Depression-anxiety when diagnosed -From pain a nd documented stress-thought to be mental not physiogical
4 yrs Rheumotologist- no help
Physical therapy, accupuncture, chiropractic x 4 yrs, pain rehab x 16 months, anesthesia pain management X 4 yrs in addition to medical pain specialist for pain. So much more. I want to help myself, medical profession and many many who suffer alone.
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Well depression and pain go together as well as anxiety. I have myofascial pain as well and osteophytes. I'm sorry about the fractures. Can you take fosamax? I'm glad the epidural block helped so much. PT just damaged me more. Accuputure didn't help much. I understand you wanting to help yourself . I can't get dressed on my own yet and have no pain meds. I was on many things and really bad reaction to them . I have to ask my husband for help all the time and he is tired. I sympathize with you and hope you can pull out of this.
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Have you ever been checked out for Lyme Disease?  CFS & Fibro are not diseases, they are sets of conditions of unknown cause.  Lyme Disease is a kown infection, but many doctors are unfamiliar with the symptoms.  Since you don't have answers despite many doctor visits, and all symptoms of CFS and Fibro are also on the list for Lyme Disease, try finding a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) in your area who is familiar with the disease, even if you have to pay cash.  Be warned that many people sick for more than a year will test negative for Lyme on standard tests.  (IGeneX does the most sophisticated testing and catches many cases that others miss.). U fortunately, many doctos were taught that these tests are perfect.  In January, the CDC finally updated their website to say that it's a clinical diagnosis and that negative tests cannot be used to exclude the disease.

Good luck!
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It's been pointed out that although I was commenting on your FMS-CFS issues, I failed to acknowledge your other issues.

My heart went out to you when I read your post because I could tell you were in a lot of pain from multiple things. Please know that my comment was sincere. I was thinking that if your FMS-CFS symptoms were something curable, then that would be helpful in reducing your pain.  Clearly an infection would not have anything to do with disc degeneration. I am sorry that I wasn't more descriptive.

My mom has extensive disc degeneration as well, and I know how much she struggles with the pain.  Perhaps a new doctor could take a fresh look?
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