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Strange set of intermittent symptoms, sudden fatigue

Hi, I'm hoping someone here might help me track down the source of some weird symptoms I've experienced the last six months or so.

I'm male, early 40s, healthy weight, reasonably active hiker / walker. No prior diagnoses for anything. My last checkup in February came back with fairly normal test results, with the exception of my A1C being a little high, but not diabetic. My diet isn't great, but it's also not terrible, and I've been eating more healthy recently. I don't smoke, I very rarely use THC gummies (usually for sleep), and I maybe have one drink a week.

I did get Omicron a month or so ago and had mild symptoms, though the recovery took longer than the first time I had covid when it first landed in the US before there were tests and vaccines. The main thing with the recovery was the fatigue / lack of energy and a persisting cough. The symptoms in question started before I got covid, though. I'm triple vaccinated currently with the Moderna version.

Main Symptoms -

I've had a few days now (all hot) where an almost overwhelming fatigue hit me. The first couple times were back in May / June if my memory serves when I was out hiking. Normally I can hike miles with an incline without any issues, and I always pack appropriate supplies of water and food. The first time these symptoms hit I felt like I had a brain fog and my body was a bit fuzzy and felt really tired. The trails I was on were very easy compared to what I usually do.

Today a similar bout hit. I was feeling fine in the morning (with the exception of a bit of a tension headache that passed) and felt fine yesterday, but today in the afternoon after a very short ten minute walk to get a late lunch in the heat wave, all of a sudden I felt my body feeling fuzzy again about thirty minutes after I ate my lunch (a couple chicken tenders and a caesar salad. No pain or shortness of breath, but felt very faint and had some brain fog / difficulty concentrating. These symptoms have lessened since I got home, though I still feel a bit tired.

Any ideas where this weird sudden fatigue is coming from? Thanks for the help!

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Have you checked your symptoms to adverse vaccine reactions with VAER?
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Did the bouts occur after eating something? Allergies and food intolerances can cause weird symptoms.

I think it is worth seeing your doctor about this. Blood tests might explain it. It does sound very intermittent though so harder to find a cause.
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The last time did,  yes. I ate some breaded chicken tenders and a caesar salad. I one previous hiking time when the fatigue hit, I hadn't had anything to eat.
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When hiking in the past, have you been in areas where Lyme disease is present?
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Yes. I usually check for ticks and have removed one in the last year. I haven't seen the red rash that comes with Lyme disease though, though I've also wondered if that is what's going on.

This article says that up to 30% of Lyme Disease cases don't present with the red bulls-eye rash. I'd suggest getting tested if only to rule it out.
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