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Mysterious bug under my skin, crawling on my scalp

This is my first post, I've been reading this forum for about a month now, reading about evetything from how to cure scabies to mites.

I'm 27 years old, live in Dallas Texas and here is my story...

First, we've always had a fly problem at every house we go to. You know, the little fruit fly looking things. However, we're not big fruit eaters and don't have any out. They seem to love the trash and the sink (different fly?).

Up to 6 months ago I felt like a bug was crawling on me when I sat on my couch and bed (different apartment), our first assumption was bed bugs and we treated the house (using bombs) for these, the crawling feeling slowed but never fully stopped.

We recently moved (2 months ago) and I felt the same thing on the couch and bed, even worse actually. So much so that we had to throw the couch out. The couch had a mattress in it, it ended up staying out back for a little while until one day I looked out there and it had little black bugs crawling all over it. During this time it seemed I ws being attacked at night by whatever this is, constant crawling all over my head. I usually stay up late to work (upwards of 5AM sometimes) and the entire time this crawling is going on. When I get in the bed it's even worse.

Now here we are at present day. Three days ago I started feeling like whatever this was is now in my skin (I'm certain of it), It's under the skin on my face, my scalp, my back, my toes, and my feet. I can feel it crawling in and out of my anus at times also.

Went to the dermatoligist today and of couse he says it's my imagination, some people get it. He's subscribed me some DEXEPIN for depression. :(  Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up.

I can feel them crawling under my skin, they hang out in my ear (not sure if under the skin or just in the canal) all day, it's gross. No one in the house (my wife and 3 kids) can feel them. My wife has bites all up and down her legs and even a protruded ring looking this on her forearm.

As you might have imagined I'm loosing my mind and life, nothing is the same. And now that the doctor says it's my imagination I cant even get my mom or wide (even though she has a lot of bites) to believe what I'm feeling is real. This makes everything 99.9% harder.

At first I thought it was bird mites (lots of trees around our apartment), then I thought scabies (becuase I can see tracks under my skin), and now I'm thinking it's some kind of fly. There are flys everwhere in this apartment. The disposal was broken when we moved in and it had  flies coming out, they are still around even today (and it's broken again). The bathroom has the flies, in fact, there are several dead in the tub.

I spray the tub down with bleach/water after getting out and noticed when I spray the faucet part some of it turns black (black mold?).

Could this be a bot fly? What do I need to do to get rid of it. Now that the dermatologist was no hope (second doc I've seen, first gave me Pemethrin which did not work) I was thinking of ordering some Stromectol / Ivermectin and Green Kleen Green online.

Recently I had jock itch for the first time in my life, had been taking Gris Peg (Griseofulvin) when this all started to intensify. Please if anyone has been through anything like this offer your sound advice.
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Oh yes, the illness is called Morgellens (spelling?), but isn't going to be the disease that all of us are supposed to have!  One time when I did call an exterminator, he said there is a strain of new bug that you can't see, but packs a wollup when it bites, and they call them "No-see'ums".  If you look at the back of containers of insecticide, you will see that some even treat "No-see-ums", but when I asked the exterminator to put that on the bill, that he also treated for those, he wouldn't do it.  It's like, everyone knows it's going on and everyone knows it's real, but they will not admit it for fear of being labeled as "nuts".  Good luck to you.
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Oh and also the dandruff I found on cat and in my sheets are shaped like a fan or guitar pic with what looks like a seed in it! I have pulled these from my nose and ears as well ! This is just so crazy! Also one day my hubby walked through and saw my cat who was laying down a certain way and he said WOW IT LOOKS LIKE U AND HIM HAVE THE SAME THING LOL HAVE U EVER NOTICED? And I am thinking with EXACT same dandruff that maybe we do have same thing! I have NEVER EVER had dandruff and here I am with same stuff my cat has on his back! I feel something crawling in private areas right now as I write this AND inside my socks! When I pull socks off I see nothing! I know if I tell this to a doctor they will think I am nuts but I am of sound body and mind I assure u! I also find carpet beetle larvae casing on my bed and I also found a winged looking gnat thing on my bed as well today.
Does anyone know what this is and what I can do to stop it? I have read sooooo many things and I am confused,frustrated and EXTREMELY tired!
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Go to FB and join Morgellons and Lyme groups. We are not alone. We just seem to be suffering at a physical distance from each other. All over the world:(:(:(:
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Hello again

Just an update onmy situation. So i have a collembola infestation on my scalp/skin and they have now effected my hair cuticles. I purchased a hand held microscope that connects to a laptop and can clearly see and take photos of my scalp. There are giant rings around my hair cuticles that are the place where the collembola are under ( and I assume are able to breathe from). I want to show pictures but am wondering if I post an email address here if I am able to have people email me directly who share a similar problem, does any one know if that can be done? I am being very proactive about seeking help and have found some dr's that are interested yet kow nothing about this situation. At least i have gotten over the DOP diagnosis with these dr's and have actual bugs to show them.

I have tried many things many of which were mentioned in this forum nothing that kills them some offer temporary comfort but I am not sure if that is cooincidental. There seems to be a pattern perhaps again when they are hatching from the eggs and that is when I am in the most discomfort. want to hear any ones thoughts on how to be in touch on an individual basis?
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hi guys. i haven't posted here before.

unfortunately i have the same problem. i can relate to everyone's posts.

its so bad, i haven't been able to work for a year, spent my savings on topicals and other stuff, caused me to have no social/family life. its full on.

i first noticed it about 18 months ago, randomly on other peoples clothing
that had been left lying around, when moving them (housemates stuff).
i thought it was scabies, and scabies treatment worked on it originally.

fast forward 6 months, but on ME..... my scalp :(

it came on instantly, and when i was out for a whole day.
the infection on me didnt come from my home.

12 months ago i got a haircut..... (melb, Australia.. without mentioning the actual name, just incase anyone else picked it up from the same place!)
i got a 'full hair wash' or whatever that went with it.

when my hair dried it was like i had fleas or something....
i could feel things on my scalp within 20 minutes of leaving.
i thought it was scabies again, got some stuff and it killed  90% of them,
or possibly just made them dig deeper or go dormant.
on/off i had a problem for the next few weeks, then it started to infect all
my clothes.

it did not take much time at all to get out of control.

its that bad, people that come into my home scratch and notice it,
and always scratch at their legs as if being bitten by fleas. also randomly
on the face/scalp, and even through clothes. i have suspected a couple of
them might have picked it up but wont admit it, maybe thinking i think its them :/

i went to the hairdressers, they pretty much looked at me like a looney
(as you would) except the problem is the person who gave me the haircut
has gone.. on a 'holiday'. but it sounded very suspicious the way she replied,
and what she was telling me. i called up a week later, and asked for that hairdresser again,
i got the same reply, and the same suspicious attitude.

they know theres a problem, but either they are covering up for him/themselves or have fired him.

now i have this problem. i already live with 'a' source. now i have become
(well my scalp) has become the source. i feel if i can rid my scalp 100%
i can beat this problem.

i have used everything listed here and more. bleaching and borax on clothes doesn't work.
even if overdried and stored for 6 months.
epsom salts, condys crystals, borax + peroxide(helps), permetherin, pyretherins, malathion, sulphur soaps + creams, neem oil, tea tree oil,
mineral turpentine - (seems to aggravate them into burrowing viciously),
kerosene - (washes a few loose ones out, now they have latched onto my chest, and ankles and those ones really bite, and itch! not like the random feeling of a hair on you, or a pinprick but extreme irritation from them..)

i have found nothing that works very well. best is kero but it isn't very nice,
and its effectiveness is probably 10%.

i think the real problem is 1) finding something that kills them.
and 2) actually getting through the layers of skin to where they are nesting.

i have been to 2 docs, and a dermo with no luck. they would not even
look into the problem. they sat their scratching their heads (literally,
i even pointed it out to them) and came to the conclusion im making it up?

anyway..... if anyones got some plain and simple advice,
i'd love to hear it. im always thinking too technical, reading into everything.

im fresh out of idea's. this is a hard topic to get info on from any source. cheers :)
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I think your on to something in regards to the mold exposure, our old apartment had it, where this all started. Now, in regards to the bed, it's not that the area is exposed to mold, it's simply that these critters are where they know you will be, trust me.

Now, with all that said. If everyone here is not knowing already this is "Morgellons", the name does not fit but that's what it's being called right now. It's not a condition, it's a bug.

My best advice is to start on MMS right now, Miracle Mineral Solution. You can get some on Amazon. However, this is only part of the protocol and required months of use to get the job done. I've been taking it 1 week, crawling like crazy right now as I type this (sitting in my bed).

Once you get the MMS you need to:

1. Take it as instructed, start with 1 drop and increase slowly, I add a drop every 2 days.
2. Buy the rest of Mel's protocol found at http://howicuredmorgellons.com/melsprotocol/
3. Exercise and drink lots of water, don't forget this.
4. Vacuum daily, hepa filter.

Some of this stuff I haven't event even started yet, like Exercise (new gym i joined opens Monday then it begins) but I believe it's all that's needed to get this **** knocked out.

Oh yea, I'm taking a pro-biotic, available at Wal-Mart called "accuflora - The good stuff from yogurt". It's low cost, 60 caplets come in a box, a month supply. It keeps my bow movements regular, I think it's important, very!

Lastly, I've gotten lots of messages about http://lymephotos.com/ and I'm likely to start that protocol also, have a look for yourself. This year this problem will be over for us!!!

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Good grief! My heart goes out to u bc I am living a very similar nightmare. It's been 10 years of itchiness and being told it's delusional parasitosis, my imagination, paranoia, allergies, yet I can't get a single physician to actually take a scraping of any kind and look at it under MAGNIFICATION. I have a jewelry loupe plus a bunch of other mid level mags plus the phone and I can see and even have on video these parasites on me and in my hair and in the toilet (sorry) and in my makeup even in the refrigerator. And it doesn't matter if I move. It's feels great at first but 2 mos later I'm back to itching and ripping my hair out now.
It started bc of the ears thing. Always crawling in my ears. So I began to trim my long blond hair shorter and shorter until I could not feel it tickling and stinging and biting and travelling across the back of my neck. I don't know the answer yet. I believe there is more than one type of parasite bothering me and 10 years of searching and also having seen GMO fruit flies  REPRODUCE IN MY SKIN AND MY FIANCES SKIN AND THEN 2X WE HAD TO SCRATCH AND LITERKY DID AND then this ball rolled down our skin and poof it turned into a fruit fly and flew away. I am NOT LYING OR EXAGGERATING. that's when HE began to believe they existed. We know fruit flies have been dna altered to reproduce a diff way and one is in human skin. My man used Windex and garlic pills I think but def grapeseed extract and his cleared up.ine never had. Theories: of course Lyme leading to morgellons, yeast or fungal overgrowth = difiarial ------ which looks like hair and moves. Fungus gnats. Lice. Crabs. Gnats. Ticks. Actual spiders. Any zoonotic disease I can share with the cat. Or a lake I seam in that wasn't exactly clean. So the whole amoeba family. Demodex mites. The list goes on and on. No one can cure me and I am almost bald. It has literally driven me to a place where I no longer think I can live this way. 10 years of itching and 10 years if people calling me crazy. And yes. My anust is itching right now and they are INSIDE MY EYES. WORMS AND LARVA. IN MY EYES GUMS LIPS THROAT.

I CAN SEE AND FEEL THEM. why can't anyone else???

Windex, vinegar, bleach, BORAX, epsome salts, Lysol sprayed directly into body, and DOLLAR TREE WRINKKE RELEASER OR FABRIC REFRESHER. it kills everything!!! Temporarily. But blessed relief just enough to take a sleeping pill n sleep so I don't rip my hair out all night long we him everyone else sleeps.
It's not u. It is in the furniture. Ur clothes. Ur skin. Ur bedding, toothbrush hairbrush towels omg it never ends ... I live on benadryl with Sudafed and Zyrtec to attempt to eliminate the itching. But it's temporary. Need a way to make this stop and there are so many of us why don't they FOCUS ON LYME AND MORGELLONS AND HELP US? at least with death the suffering ends. This suffering follows u forever as far as I can tell. Maybe only god can... Good luck and god bless you!
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U sound like my life
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Borrelia burgdorferi Description and Structure

Figure 1. Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium.[https://link http://www.niaid.nih.gov/topics/lymedisease/understanding/pages/intro.aspx
Borrelia burgdorferi is a Gram-negative bacterium belonging to the class Spirochaetes [Figure 1] . This bacterium is helical and has both an inner and outer membrane as well as a flexible cell wall. The cell is usually 1um wide, but can be up to 10-25 um long. Bacteria of the class spirochaetes have flagella located on the inside of the periplasm in between the inner and outer membranes. The flagellum along with the helical structure of the bacterium allows the bacterium to migrate through viscous fluids and burrow through various tissues. As a result, this cell is highly invasive. B. burgdorferi is also known for its outer surface proteins OspA and OspC have been studied extensively and have a role in transmission of the bacteria into the host cell. The metabolism of this cell is limited, therefore; B. burgdorferi relies on their host for energy precursors. Its genome encodes transport proteins such as ABC transporters. B. burgdorferi also codes for enzymes and proteins that are used in the phosphotransferase system. The host serum as well as the environment are targets for these transport systems. The genome of this bacterium is distinctive. It consists of one linear chromosome of 910,725 base pairs long with at least 17 linear and circular plasmids that combine to a size of more than 533,000 base pairs [2] . As a result of its large number of plasmids, the genetic organization of B. burgdorferi is specialized. .
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Yes, Cassidy, Lyme's Disease organisms play a big part of Morgellen's, they have discovered. They have also discovered that fungal infection is part of Morgellen's, as are coinfections and parasites​.
     This is my first post ever, at any medical site, period, so here goes. My story started 6 months ago, and it's been a nightmare ever since. Multiple doctor's, so much money, and finally getting diagnosis of: Lyme's, fungus and parasites.  I've had every symptom listed here, and had a few doctors look at me like I'm  crazy when I told them I had bugs, worms and (* yes) maggots on me! It turns out that bugs thrive on fungus, and will even live/reproduce on your body if they can! (* Nightmare!!) And you won't find that in any text book description! The KEY to getting treatment, is finding a doctor who will listen and believe you. The mention of bugs, however, usually always will not work, because of the stigma of  'parapsychosis'. Keep the emphasis on the fungal infection, or the parasites. Usually, the parasites are one of many kinds of round, hook, flat, pin or thread worm. (* I had five different kinds, my lungs were full of them). Most of these worms larvas migration are just beneath the skin surface, and feels like bugs crawling. The fungus is on the surface of the skin, ( you can't see it,  tho) and burrows into, and grows, just beneath surface it's skin, also. It feels like pinpricks, burning, bug bites, and Ant bites. So, the sensation of bugs crawling is a Hallmark sign of worms and fungus. Then once you try remedies to kill the parasites/fungus, the herxhiemer reaction to toxin released from die off, will cause neuropathy, (* neurotoxin) and then crawling sensation gets even worse! This condition is torture! I've been reading so many blogs, is where I've gotten most of the clues, for research, because the Western medical doctors don't have a clue! To get proper treatment is necessary to heal. Repairing your immune system function is key. For the fungal infection, oral meds are necessary. All the advise on here is also good advice. KEY: insist upon a fungus culture, and a blood test for worms. (* Stool samples are not accurate.) Yes, I know lots of ppl here (* lots on every site I've visited) really do have bugs! With fungal infection come the fungus mites, gnats, flies and their accompanying eggs, worms/maggots. (**They thrive on fungus) Lyme's disease will cause multiple parasites infections- including: scabies, worms, etc. Then, the fungus reproduces rapidly in your environment including your car, clothing etc (* it actually permeates everything in your home!)** This brings more bugs for the free meal, more flies- the problem then explodes exponentially! It is true a horror show once it gets to this point, very hard to get rid of. The fungus can ruin a life! The fungus can be several different ones, and can live on every surface, and the spores float thru the air. They have so many forms/appearance, depending upon what stage they are in,,white fluffy, translucent lint appearance, red, black or blue 'fiber'.. It can spread to your entire body and even go systemic. Your skin can grow mold ( black specs), or, glassine exothrax, (* hard splinters) or rigid scales can show up anywhere on body- looking like exoskeleton's of skin parasites. ** I got so sick I almost died as my lungs collapsed! At one point, I even had flies hatching out of my entire body! (** Lyme's organisms turn OFF these immune system, so they over-run the body, causing little  or no outward symptoms, while inside the body MUCH damage is being done. Lyme's organisms are very difficult to detect- as they hide in the body and are hard to diagnose. (** Sadly, my BFF just passed away from Lyme's, because it till then almost ten years to diagnose it!)
    Once the fungus infection goes systemic, you may find yourself fighting for your life, as I am.  Sorry long winded...I see so many ppl on here (* and every where) suffering and not getting the answers or treatment they so desperately need. Be proactive, do your research, insist on the tests you think you need,-- bypass those stupid doctors if you have to by using lab of your choice, bringing in your own specimens. The Lyme's test out there now are a shot in the dark! The Western blot test is a joke, there are newer, more sensitive tests out there now, where you can order your test kit on line, and go to lab of your choice. If you think you have Lyme's, (** Morgellen's) get tested for Lyme's and done believe them if they say you tested negative! (* That's how my friend died) you know your own body,- don't count on, or wait on the doctor's to figure out what's wrong with you and save you. You must save yourself! And above all- Don't give up and try to stay positive! (* I've only gone through this for six months, and wanted to be dead more times than I can count. I can't imagine going through this as long as many of you have.
    The scabies protocol and Morgellen's skin care protocol (* found on the Lyme's disease.org website) are the best ones- they will cover it all (* dont forget the tiny flies that infest a home with​ fungus- Google up Drain flies infestation. If you think you don't have them, (* microscopic/macroscopic) take a bright flashlight and go look at your drains, trashcans and even your car. Those little bastards can make your life a living hell as they can borrow into your skin and lay thousands of eggs everywhere, your bed and clothes and one day you'll wake up when tiny maggots all over you! They love fungus,- it's what they thrive on.
   Well, good luck, you can look all of this up. (* Some types of flies can get into your eyes or have their eggs weeping out of your eyes thru our lymph canals. (* Thru tear ducts. I've had worms crawling out of my eyes, this is no joke) and that was my snapping point. Fungus is serious stuff. You need to fight it for all you're worth, or it will over take your body and you can die. Look it up. Cancer, HIV and hepatitis patients that die from the complications of those disease, usually die from the resulting fungus infection.
I'm be praying for all of us. God bless and don't give you, you are NOT crazy.
** that is:: take a bright flashlight at NIGHT, can to see tiny flying specks, (* flies , spores and fungal fibers). PINE GLO 98¢ at Walmart is same exact thing as BenzaRid on Amazon (* fungicide used in hospital, etc) and Kleen Green naturally is the enzyme cleaner you want, as it is the original one, all natural, y can even Spritz your sheets and body with it,,,)concentrate,,- makes several gallons for 21$. Spray down everything, even your car, and just bleach down your drains and trashcans for the Flies. Raid bedbugs spray ( purple can) kills mites, which follow/,get into whereever you go (* shoes, rugs, mattress, etc. Wanting that free fungus meal) . I hope this helps someone. Love and light.
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Not answer.but I've been suffering somewhat of same thing for 7 years. sometimes I feel a very hot area then it turns red and a small pin like hole appears with a black speck at opening.now what I feel all over is a stinging feeling from inside my skin going towards surface.and it stings bad like a bee.then appear a black foreign body when I touch in goes back in.been to dr after doctor as I have these things head to toe.at first Dr were concerned but since they don't know what it is they basically call me crazy. infectious disease don't even wanna see me.i know what I see and feel.and I am now loosing my mind from being frustrated.sysmptoms seems to be getting worse.like they consumed my whole body inside.i feel them crawing everywhere now.like there's so many there is no more room.its like they come to surface for air or something.now I can feel tingly moving things in my nose.i make my self sneeze so I can blow my nose Better.one time a black long slimy thing was wrapped around my musus.i wrapped it around a cuetip.it seemed dead.second time.a long piece of musus came out and I could see a black shiny tip on one end of mucus.i looked at it with magnifying glass and it was alive I touched it and it went back in mucus.it pisses me off cause I tried getting it out and it kept hiding.so I threw it away.i should have just put the whole thing in something and bring it in to be tested.causw I've never can get sample for Dr to test.i am not nuts.ive seen it alive in me.and I'm going crazy.no one will help.im so close to just saying forget everything.
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3 things I read last night, I have a very similar story,
Bot fly larvae
Flesh fly
Fungal fly
Please look them up I believe this could b it
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I've been dealing with this now for about a month thought I had lice because I was finding what looked like lice eggs and the lice never came......i started finding these fibers in my hair and my arms were always itchy so I looked closely and found the fibers on my skin.....i have what looks like tiny bumps with a little white head on it you pull it out and it's a fiber......i previously seen a post that said he tried alchol and peroxide.....i tried the peroxide and in the spot I tried I found them little string like fibers some even look like salt and pepper sometimes they are red or blue and I can see them under my skin started getting what looked like black beauty marks and low and behold was able yo almost peel them off......my hair is falling out finding hard black hairs that if you pull out the root is a sponge like grey bulb......i wiped my hands with my son's baby wipes and looked very close and pulled off these white fibers that moved......i know that all these posts from people that o have read are not crazy and it's weird because I thought that our carpet had these black bugs but could never get one......idk I'm losing my mind any ideas I'm open too
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Wow!It truly does remind me of that episode!You definitely need a doctor to take you very seriously. I'd let them know that there has been a case out there where bugs have buried themselves under the skin. I wish I knew what would draw them out if there are any. I just know what happened on that episode of Untold Stories Of The ER. Don't give up on trying to get a doctor to listen to you!! If I come upon anything else, I'll let you know for sure. That's scary. I feel horrible for you.
Ur carpet is also infested with mites and fungus.
This is a fungus. I don't​ have time to post complete experience and explain, more later, I promise. Get antifungal cremes/ sprays immediately, plus all the other advice on here is really good. (** They have discovered that Morgellen's is a fungus, among other things.) I'll try to post soon, (* this is my first time, and I notice this is a year old...)
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I'm in tears finally seeing I'm NOT CRAY AND NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS ISSUE!! I haven't been comfortable in my skin in almost 1 1/2 years ! I have all of these same symptoms and they've been going on for about 17 months. IT IS RUINING MY LIFE. I too have insane cleaning regimentsI do daily as well as I have extreme anxiety and Depression. I can't even go out in public hardly because I'm worried about having an attack! I feel it worst I. My ears. It feels like something is ripping they my ear canal. Also, I am in the car and suddenly it feels like spider webs are on my face and even they've been in my eyes and I've had to pull off the road til I can remove it. Whatever it is, it's naked to the average eye and EVERYONE THINKS IM ON DRUGS OR INSANE! I've even been to the doctors, many different ones, and many times . Even in differs locations and different states. The worst attack I had was in my throats and I went to the ER where I was told I needed to go have a 48 hour evaluation in a mental hospital for mental illness! I'm beside myself, no one listens, doctors dismiss, I'm scared for my life. My husband thinks I'm going crazy, my kids are worried and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! Please anyone tell me what works!? I'm in Phoenix Arizona, if there's a doc out here that knows something and will believe me and listen, I'll do anything- I'll be at their mercy! Please help me out of this hell
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Please see my answer below. I definitely do not think you are crazy! I'd never think anyone was. Please though do not think I am right either. I am definitely not diagnosing anyone. I'm just pointing something out and basically saying go to more doctors. Look for more signs. It would have been helpful if anyone had seen little holes at some point (& maybe something oozing) and taken photos. I am not intending to scare anyone. It is just what I saw on television (it's on Netflix too).
P.s. I just saw when you commented. Did you find out anything? I didn't realize this was from awhile ago.
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Sorry I forgot to say before I got sick I was staying at my son's and there was mold in the basement I was taking that in it was airborne and when I moved into my new house my life went down hill it took 4 years to find the problem, please people listen I no how you all feel lost husband after 17 years my children alot. And now everybody is sorry, starve that stuff it comes out the body threw the pores also threw hair on scalp
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Bottom line: there is no answer and no cure.  What works for one doesn't help the next.  I've suffered 5 years, lost friends, family, and lovers.  Thank goodness she has you.
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I live in Hawaii and contracted whatever this is---Morgellons, Micro-Miayasis, or by no name yet known to medical science---on 9/30/11 at a Las Vegas hotel suite.  I was bitten five times on the top of my right foot. It was the itchiest bite I've ever experienced.  Upon waking, I knew I was sick.  I could feel a distinct change inside my body had taken place.  My scalp was very itchy.  For the next four months I treated my condition as for lice.  We do not have Lyme disease in Hawaii.  I saw multiple doctors and the dermatologist recommended psychological therapy as part of the protocol for dermatitis.  This ain't dermatitis, folks.  We know this without being doctors.

I may have seen the doctors too early.  The physical evidence was not as developed as it is now.  I now use the Rid red lice comb dipped in vinegar and comb lesions scabs from my scalp nightly.  I clean the comb with a toothbrush under running water after each stroke.  If they could see what I now comb out from my lesions (I view it through an 8x microscope), they would faint.  They don't want to see any more samples of "skin flakes."  It started off as taking only an hour.  Last night it took five hours.  After the scab is scraped off (oddly, no blood), I find layers of what is now familiar-looking matter/organisms.  Some come out as a pinkish or white ball of intertwining, moist, grapefruit pulp-shaped material.  Repeated combings of the same lesion immediately following produce egg-like objects, anywhere from several to over a dozen, all consistent in shape, size, color, and texture.   Somewhere in the combing will be an object, whether hard scab or soft tissue-like material, with a hard, white, tube-shaped object attached.  Once I can get that "tube" and the "eggs" out, the crawly/poking feeling subsides.  Maybe the bugs leave for another location on my scalp?

I do have the colored fibers of Morgellons.  The lesions are painful and increasing in size and numbers, and I am very exhausted, but no specific pain in body parts.  I see gnats often flying around my head, regardless of my location, and lint-like material flying in the air, apparently originating at about eye level.

I went through the emotional trauma that I'm sure many of you have experienced in trying to deal with having such a bizarre disorder, but not receiving either appropriate medical help and/or support.  I am a member of the health organization that the CDC contracted to study Morgellons.  The fact that Hawaii does not have Lyme disease and, after reading the results of the lab study, I've decided to enlist the out-of-pocket help of a group of doctors in California.  I was referred to one of those doctors by Ginger Savely in Washington D.C. (and Texas)..  

It seems the doctors that are more familiar with Morgellons-like symptoms have a specific battery of blood tests, some with special handling/processing requirements in addition to using a particular lab.  My health care provider locally has not heard of some of these tests.

I have found that adding Borax to my laundry soap eliminates the itch.  I daily wipe my face with a vinegar-soaked paper towel and immediately afterwards wash or rinse my face to remove the vinegar.  I use a cpttpm swab fpr nose and ears, also being careful to rinse the vinegar off delicate tissue.  I use Melaleuca's Dermatin fungal creme for my face.

After experiencing the initial emotional trauma due to a series of doctors issuing a DOP diagnosis, I have decided that I need to focus on fully getting back into life as before my condition existed (as much as time permits) while still focusing on my condition and seeking the help I need when I need to.

I don't know if all or most of us are experiencing the same condition, mutations of the same condition, or a related condition.  I do know that being brushed aside by the medical community is not an option.  It begs the question, "You're a doctor for WHAT reason?"

Whether this is an infectious disease or not, I strongly believe it needs to be addressed.  We are enduring needless suffering.  The WHO, CDC, etc. can have a huge impact on our medical community and vice versa.  One large voice can be heard farther than many small ones.  If this condition is infectious, another option is to just wait until enough persons in the medical field themselves are infected.  I guarantee they will jump up and down for a cure.  I would be only too tempted to suggest they see a therapist.  Just kidding.  

My sympathies extend to anyone befallen with such a condition.  Keep pushing the cause loudly and stay strong.  A cure will come.  Do NOT give up.      
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I too live in Hawaii. Have been suffering since 2016. My hair was once to my knees now I'm usually buzz cut. My fiance won't allow me to cut my hair anymore. He ignores my "mental bugs"and all my symptoms. And refuses to hear me vent or talk about my hell. I am positive he has it too. Just lives in self denial and has a greater tolerance for the burning crawling itch. I am so exhausted.  
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Your frustration is well taken and understood by anyone that has this "condition". It really is amazing that the doctors think we are crazy, I stopped with them after 3 visits because I read others online getting nowhere, waste of my time and money.

Soon they will learn, just because you can't see it does not mean it's not there. I know for a fact cases of this are building up, emergency room doctors have no doubt seen multiple patients come in and complain of crawling sensations and lesions.

Like every time I post here I want to update everyone on what I'm trying this month. Right now it's "ParaGone", just started two days ago in fact. Before that I did a cleanse by the same company "First Clense" I think it was, that lasted for 2 weeks. I've committed myself to beating this. Of course I've said all along this is a fungus that attracts the parasite/insect/mite to us, I believe they are around us all the time, it's when we get this fungus that we become attractive to them, I'm willing to bet my life that I'm right, Point is, I don't expect anything that get's rid of parasites to cure me, the fungus must be attacked aggressively, and that is next on my list .. "Candida Rid" and then whatever other type of natural fungus fighters I can find.

However, there is one simple truth to all this.....

UNLESS one of us finds a way to beat this,
ALL of us will need to show we are angry.

If I know one thing about America, nothing get's done until the people get angry. We need a rally, we need something to show the human faces of thousands of sufferers, I'm seriously considering a web site to get this organized. Time is up, we either act or get acted on, or should I say crawled on.

Those that know the truth you have been warned, the people are about to organize!  Check your history books if you don't think there is any power in the people. Or, just check the recent Arab Spring taking place in nation after nation like clock work.

Clock work. Thanks for your kind words also, I too am glad I started this thread, but I was just freaking out at the time. I honestly can't believe that I can sit here with them crawling on me and handle it, I HATE BUGS, my strength is a credit to my faith however.

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Hi everybody,
I have some news for you all! As you all know me as Jenma, and I have posted on this forum for over a year now...Anyways, I made a promise to myself and my 6year old son, that I WOULD figure out, what the hell this creepy, crawling, bites,rashes...etc...is?? Well, we tested positive for a HOOKWORM INFECTION! It's in our skin AND bodies! They are the only worm that has SHARP TEETH! I wanted to let you all know...if you have our symptoms...to get treatment bc it's been PURE HELL!!! It started 4/2010...with larger round red marks...bites happened instantly...sharp almost like stings...nighttime was horrid! Bites were nonstop! From 9pm-8am...then creepy crawling on/in skin started! In begginning, it was nonstop, even during daytime some days...until we started soaking in chemicals and scrubbing our skin! It has gotten ALOT better last couple months...I could go up to a month without ALOT of symptoms...then they would start crawling and our skin has lil black dots and white dots popping outta it...heat makes it ALOT WORSE! When they do come outta skin now (to crawl around) it's anus,genitals,ears,eyebrows,mouth,nose, anywhere skin is! Larve, look like dry skin but, the lil white dots, actually unroll to a tiny white(almost skin color) worm! It gets worse @nightime! Last couple of months, we have has Pneumonia,ear and sinus infections, and horrible red rashes(that actually burn) crawling and bites( that are tiny lil red marks) and sometimes clear lil bumps! I guess, when infections get bad enough, it means that they are infecting organs...we have had alot of vomiting and stomach pain! One more thing, worm larve usually enters body through walking barefoot, esp. in sand! I have lil bump on each foot on back bottom of heel...know I have read alota forums, with others having same symptoms so? I hope this helps someone else! Hope to god, this bs goes away soon! Was told that reinfestation is usually high bc they can survive outside body for up 2 two months...GROSS!! Any questions let me know...I will be posting updates on how we are doing...Jenma

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The dr. doctors have a show on morgellon and you will understand what a doctor say when dealing with this bug.
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Hello everybody. dealing with some kind of skin parasite... Has anyone seen the post about a clothing parasite... that's coming into US from overseas somewhere?? Google... little white biting bugs... it'll come up... stating a person with these will see 3 different types of white insects(not mites or fleas,but bugs...) These things will go into the 1st layer of skin... reproducing on/in human skin... This is EXACTLY what we have... It resembles Morgellons BUT, is not Morgellons... Alot of people on here, are describing the different stages/types if this insect... I have tried to find out more about this, BUT not alot is known,YET! I was just wondering, if anyone knows anything about these "bugs"? The adults are tiny white kinda looks like the tiniest moth, yet it bites! They are attracted to light...just like moths are... I have read that wherever this cotton fields are, they made this manmade bug(combo of lice,scabies,fly,moth,etc.etc) to kill all other bugs, that eat the cotton, out of the cotton fields...If you do have this bug(all other bugs in your home will eat this bug and they will die..) We have flooding and mold, here in WI and usually have the usual, spiders,centipedes,etc... Since,we have had this bug(all other bugs, I find dead) We go outside and are followed around by flies,etc...ANY bug and they eat this bug and die INSTANTLY!! Now, for example, my bed was where this all started...So-My bed was frozen ALL WINTER, now that's gotten alot [email protected], you would think that being frozen would have killed these things, but, NO WAY
as soon as it thaws out, they are right back (even worse)!!! I believe, we contracted this from a brand new comforter...which of course, I didn't wash and just put it right on my bed! There are ALOT of complaints about OLD NAVY stores, just happens to be where I bought alot of clothes from last year for spring and summer...Please let me know if anyone has seen this post or? anything about this bug...We have had it over a year now, we get rid of it for up to a month, then I believe the eggs just brings it right back again! It does resemble somewhat of a flea... Flea spray/bombing does help with the adults that fly and hop, BUT not smaller one's that crawl or the babies! I have seen them go right into your pores and disappear... Has anyone else have this exact problem... It's a tiny white dot, a black dot, cresent shape (it's almost like a tiny worm)...that can straighten out to go straight into a pore anywhere(face,hair,ears,etc...even try to hide into my eyes)...it curls up into a ball to crawl... They are whitish or almost skin colored... they are very hard to notice...it took me months to figure it out, because when you get bitten all you will see is a black speck or a tiny white dot(which just looks like severly dry skin...in your hair will just look like dandruff) after examination IS NOT DRY SKIN/[email protected]!!! It flys when it gets older but, smaller one's crawl all over! It will move and kindof flop up when touched(if you can grab it BEFORE it gets into a pore or hair follicle)... some of these you can see hanging out of a pore and most of the time these will not even come out when grabbed with a tweezers...If you do manage to get one-you will see it moving from a tiny white worm that curls up into a cresent shape and eventualy tiny ball(dot) that slowly crawls along...then back into a pore etc...please let me know if you do have this or have any info on this mysterious new bug!!! Thanks, Jen  
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Hello Jen:  Your post is 6 years ago, so I am hoping that you have found a way to get rid of these devils!  It is 2017, I have had this going on for months.  Never see the white flying bug, but the rest of your symptoms are the same, black specks and white specks with little white worms that come out of pores, I have found them attached to my eye lid or lips when I wake up in the morning.  I now have them in my hair and eyes.  I don't know which stage it is, but when it burrows in my skin, it makes a bump.  
I think you are right about the clothes, I see the black specks in all new clothes that have cotton in them.  They also eat holes in your cotton clothes.

I will be looking forward to hearing your story, hopefully it has a happy ending.  
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One thing I think a lot of you are missing that's important. YOU are the host, @LGAMMA1 mentioned how they are so small you need a good microscope to see them. Now, if that's true, are they not small enough to enter your pours?

How small must their eggs be?

The eggs, the parasite, it's using your body as it's host. 90% of them in your environment are "hatched" from your body. When you move several times and get rid of everything this quickly become obvious. For me, it's even clearer because I can feel them crawling IN me.

I'd like to point out that I haven't stopped living, I'm damn near use to the ****, I just won't allow myself to become to complaisant otherwise I'll stop trying to beat it.

1. It's a bug, a very small one, and it's opportunistic. Just like every other bug in the world it wants a good environment to place it's eggs and live, you are that environment.

2. In your air in your home they look like fibers OR really small nats, start paying attention (might freak u out a bit once u start seeing) but I promise you CAN see them with the naked eye. Try sitting in a room with your laptop on your lap and all other lights off, look right above the screen (over it), you should see them floating your way within 10 minutes. I see them all day on my eyebrows moving around.

Lastly I'm about to make big moves on this thing.. I found a connect that knows doc's in Texas, so that's my next option. Also getting tested and treated for Lyme disease, which I think is also caused by a/this parasite and is highly related in some way. Right now while I wait to go to the doc I'm doing the salt+vitamin C regiment found on lymephotos.com, but I'm not doing the recommended 4 times a day at the moment, just once a day to weaken then, then I'll go full force. I actually enjoy punishing them now, try it!

Lastly, this is how I make it day to day right now.

1. Shower in the morning upon waking and one at night!

  - Selson Blue with Salicylic Acid 3%
  - AJAX Lemon Dish Soap
  - Baby Wash (Johnson's or off brand, same thing)
  - Sulfer 8 Liquid Shampoo AND Sulfur 8 Conditioner (like a paste)

I use all of the things above on my body AND hair, DAILY. Most the time I use a sponge but recently realized wash cloths work very well to get them off the skin.

2. I wash my face at night using Apricot Scrub, they hate it, it works. Rub it in for like 5 minutes. (Off brand like $3 at walmart, it's a face wash)

By the way, my face and hair look awesome right now, you would never think I had ANYTHING. Before I was keeping my hair short because it helps big time with the crawling, but recently I decided to let it grow just to see if it would grow and what it would look like. About 95% normal.

Things that work that I don't do daily:

3. MIX the Ajax Lemon with Borax (that's the laundry booster), works like a charm in the shower, you'll feel really good.

4. Bath in Epson salt whenever you have time to take a bath.


Lastly, I have a big plastic bin for my entire family's clothes (4 kids, me and wife). Dirty clothes go in the bin as soon as they leave the body. Each Friday we wash the bin, before washing I place a Mr. Coffee cup in the bin and let it burn Menthol Crystals for 5-6 hours, I then wash all the clothes (kitchen gloves on to move them into machine) in Arm & Hammer detergent, borax, and Ammonia. Dry with plenty of dryer sheets and make sure the lent filter is clean before starting.

Put the clothes back in the bin to take them home. Moth balls should be in your drawers and closets (lots of them), store clothes immediately.

I never wear the same thing twice, or use the same shower towel twice (be sure to store those in a cabinet with moth balls 2)

Ok, so that's what I do to get by right now. I still run my business, play with my kids, and do what I want. All day I have lower back pain (parasites drinking spinal fluid), knee pain, ear pain, and whatever else may happen in a particular day. God's promise that I will be cured, keeps me moving.

I have a feeling I'm going to solve this. My plan is to make a website with the cure when I do, I'll get to the bottom of this, it's the type of person I am.
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Dear HBdadon, your last post is on March 22, 2011, it is May 2015, please have you found out, what and any cure, or at least, anyone can be seen for these things, that live in our bodies, driving people mad. I just receive 2 weeks ago, and passed on my daughter and granddaughter. A living hell, as my granddaughter is only 14, her whole life will be these living parasites in our bodies, Please do you know how or what I can do to hope to end them. I am doing what you posted, also my children, my daughter is angry. Thank you so much, Allena Pond
It is 2022 is there a cure yet?
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Again, he is not buying it.  We put a big white paper(for kids to draw/paint) in my room for a while.  Added a buzzlight(violet or blacklighted) and with his hi tek beam i swear we could see alot of **** in the air.
They always go, with the story that there are alot of particles on the air.  I know that, But i could see the difference from a fabric, dust or particle just floating really slow, and alot of ?¿?¿? flyign real fast, passing by.
He has his doubt, like giving it a possibility, but he always ends the conversation with:  It can be your paranoia, durt, dust and that alot of things used in household cleanings, that gives u this sensation.  To be really straight, he doesnt know what we are dealing with, because were dealing with something hes never dealt with, and much more if we cannot see them .( in alot of Blogs they call them like that "no see ums" or mistery bugs.
Also he afirmes that if there is something here, that it wont harm me, jejejejjjje...
It may not kill u, but may drive u into insanity or worse.

The white stuff cardboard we putted in my room bed and floor, started to get the really tiny black particles that i see when the problem kicks in.
He still says they can be particles, dust, fiber...anything BUT NEVER afirming a Bugg situation.
He uses a magnifying glass.  This stuff is microscopic, smallers that salt grains or beach sand.
without a good microscope, nobody can identify ANYTHING.  Hes amazed of all the **** im trying and all the info i have read.  Hes really interested in this case, but its a mystery he doesnt beleive 100%.
I just emailed him, this post.  I hope he reads it, cause i talk about him, describing they just deal with normal pest(ants, roaches, psocids, termites, ect)  He told me he has never seen a BBugg case in P.R
im geting to conclusions it has to be related to humidity, Mold, or some parasite that feeds and likes my apt.

Its very frustrating not really knowing how to eliminate or idenify  the problem by its roots.
keep replying, ill keep u posted.  A day or 2, after returning a borough O3 generator, the **** started again.
If I had some stuff in my room, or in the whole apt, and the O3 eliminated it(for a while)  Mold, fungus, spores come back again and reproduce rapidly since nothing has been done with the infrastucture of my apt and also for stoping the o3 treatment.  Im thinking of buying one, or buying a humidifier.  It may reduce the problem.
It *****, it can be so many things,  He also says that if some neighbors had alot of **** in their apt, (infestation)
that they may be moving to my apt, since probably has the more humidity % in the whole building...
like, they may like ur home... and may swarm @night wich is the critical hours.  I have alot of trees in the same level as my windows.  I have screens, but this stuff may be so small, the pass freely without hassle.  
Also i keep my front door open for cross ventilation.
My apt has very little ventilation when closed.  I just have a mini desk fan, thats it.  AC in the living room(which i never turn on)
and small AC in my tiny bedroom.  If its coming from the outside, they may come in easilly.
If they are just living allready here or in my body, the come out or activate their [email protected] night.

keep posting on this mistery, im on tha watch :D
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Invisible bugs or crazy disorder:

Its cool reading all the posts above, But not cool @ all knowing wtf do we have... everybody throwing down there beliefs, its crazy.
Ive been having the exact feeling as almost all the posts above.
@ Nights it cranks up a notch, or maybe in midnight the bug/crawling sensation machine is turn on HIGH level.  When the lights are out, it kicks in more.  If alot of ventilation is put, Fans, AC ect.  the feeling is better.
I sleep almost next to the ac vent. plus a fan ventilating other area.
i sleep with my sheets almost covering my whole body, like a "burrito" or worm.  Facing down, long sleave shirt, only skin exposed is head, hears and neck.  The sensation hits the uncoverd areas mostly, but also below the sheets.
PCO came exterminate with permetrin.  Really, they dont know ****.  He didnt actually believe me in terms of this invisible mites.  Yes a had alot of bugs in my house, ants, roaches, psocids, spiders and the wood larve.
For sure is not BedBugs because in the Island i live, there has not been a case in many many years.  We dont have bedbugs here.
My apt has huge humidity problems, im thinking it may be a fungus, or a parasaite / bug that feeds on the fungus being developed in my house.
Supposely, non of the neighbors have it, even do they have alot of animals.( im the only one of 4apt. in this floor without pets)
I stoped talking about the problem, because people thought i was going bananas, including my father and the people @ work.
This whole thing started as a buzz(noise).  @ First i thought they were mosquitos.  Yes i live near the shore and there are MANY kinds of mosquitos here.  But the mosquitos, u see them, even do the hide in black clothing/threads and when the light are on.
Ive tried every **** talked on blogs :

PCO treatment
washing everything
Ozone treatment
Carpet powder
tea trea oil
Gralic / Pottasium / Magnsm
Citronella candles

Yes when i washed everything compulsively, had the Ozone generator turn on for hours, when gone out of the house, Took a bath with fungus soap, or sulphur soap, changed sheets before going to sleep, took garlic/magnesium/potassium supplements daily, all this combined= better sleep.  

Or @ least i believe it work.  Its a mind game here.
But its alot of work men.. I dont have a washer/dryer [email protected] my house so its a pain, having a daily laundry.  

I know this might sound crazy but the garlic, Ufff i think it works.  Eating fresh garlic, or taking odorless organic garlic supplement daily seems to calm it a little.  or @ least i belive it.  Missed the gralic for a day or two and I would feel the difference. Is like a vampire myth. Really dont know how this works, it has to do with the PH of your body, and garlic is even stronger than antibiotics.

hope this crazy curse will be gone 4 good.
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I have suffered from bot fly and gnat infestation in my body that attacked my mouth, ears and entire face.  I have gone through at least six gestation periods of the fly.  The only way to get rid of this for me, has been to dedride, scrape and treat with MMS (Miricle Mineral Solution).
I found the MMS too late to stop the complete metamorphasis that should have already killed me.
Medical prof will not acknowledge in this country as they have no cure.
Get on this product a/s/a/p.  There are explicit instructions that will provide you relief, cure know you are not crazy. Vera Peskan
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Me too, I got the crap all over me too......itchy scalp driving me nuts, in the eyes, swimming around;  between my toes, in my butt, on my skin; on my face........


I moved into a city officials house here, in Saratoga Springs, NY, and the women before me was trying to tell me that she had been attacked by bugs, but the landlord was standing right there, and she refrained...well, since then, I was told.  

This is a 200 yr old house, and it has bug major infestation in the walls in this upstairs apt.    I am going nuts....and the bugger is, is that you can't always SEE these microscopic or tiny tiny flies or parasites.

My doctor did nothing, asking me to Bring the bugs into the office in a jar;  Lo, as if I am able to catch the damn things....the article or info on
http://morgellonsuk.org.uk/micromyiasis.htm          helps!  I've been complaining for many weeks/months now, and the landlord brought in an exterminator, and then with the extermination, I got ATTACKED VIOLENTLY BY THE PARASITES/FLIES/WHATEVER THEY ARE.






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I have basically the same problem as you. After 8 doctors, thinking I'm crazy or a dope head, I have been doing my own research and experments trying to solve this traumatizing nightmare. Recently, I have researched the fungas and mold issue. I have a 2008 GMC Sierra. When I first bought it, it had a horrible odor coming out of the air conditioner. The dealership said that was because it had set up for a while. I have brought it back numerous times to try to get them to fix the problem, but they don't know how and they want. I purchased a mold kit from Lowes and sent it to the lab to have it analized. The results came back, with 3 types of mold.
Since I have had this truck several health problems have occured along with the bugs. I have taken every kind of anti parasite medication that is on the market.
Now, I am taking anti-fungal medication and the crawling is almost gone. The sores that look like bite marks are almost gone. I think that the mold caused the fungas to grow all over my body and under my skin. Then the fungas gnats were attracted to it and then they moved in. Today, I am going to a new doctor to see if she will give me some stronger anti-fungal medication. After 2 years, this nightmare has to end.
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