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Are my symptoms Herxheimer reaction from parasites/candida?

I beg for help, as after 1 year of these strange and chaotic symptoms I still dont know what is causing them, how to stop them. Doctors have no idea. Naturopaths - each is saying a different thing. Here is the list of main symptoms I experience in chaotic , sudden manner:

- sudden rapid heart rate (pulse) often over 130. Comes down after 1-5 hours to normal (75-80)
- heart pounding - i guess connected with pulse
- heavy belching, which can go on for many days in a row - LOTS of gas, i dont know from what?
- whole body pulsations when resting.
- jolt pains in various parts of the body, for a second, and gone
- muscle twitches , all over the body
- on three occassions SEVERE muscle twitches and squeezes , like cramps but not painful - in the hips and upper legs.

These twitches and squeezes are *maybe* related to pelvic muscles or vagus nerve? But they come as fast as they go away.

I did all kinds of medical tests for close to everything: thyroid, parathyroid, liver, kidneys, blood morphology, USG of the belly, D-dimer, EKG, EEG, B-vitamins, calcitonin. All almost perfect.
The only thing which is somewhat too low is vit B12, 280 when range is 200-800. But some sources say 500 should be minimal level.

I did Hydro-colono-therapy a professional enema, 3 times.  Few months AFTER having all these worst symptoms. There was a dead parasite in my colon, probably tapeworm. And a LOT of candida. Also blood samples under microscope showed candida. And some blood cells clotting, but not heavy.

So my question is --- can all these nasty symptoms be from dying candida and parasites?  Herxheimer reaction?
But, I still had candida in June this year, while my worst symptoms were in Oct-Dec 2021.

Or is it something entirely different?
These symptoms were the worst inside my home, never outside.  Mostly, the difference in how i felt inside, and a minute later outside was night and day....

I found that mycotoxins from mold in the walls, can trigger everything i had. But its very hard to detect and diagnose.

Lastly, these symptoms often occur, after I ate too have meal, esp rich in fat.
But never had any of these problems before, not even the slightest, and...
i was eating a LOT of chocolate, nuts and butter.

Now, i cut totally all these 3 high-fat foods and only left Olive oil, fish, some coconut oil and pumpkin seeds.

I will be grateful for any suggestions.
Anyone had similar things?
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wonder if canida could be ur problem, i have canida to an have weak spells ?
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Since a lot of this seems related to the intestines, and you say they found a dead parasite, it seems like you could have been reacting to it. If it were the mold, it would be more headaches and lung issues, I think.
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