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Please help. Vaginal issue for a while

I have been with my boyfriend for 1 and a half years. We began having sex about 8 months ago. We were both virgins. We did not use condoms and I did get a UTI. We started using condoms more often (I know we need to start using it ALL the time) and I clean up and pee right after. I have never had a UTI problem since. Ever since we began to have sex, I have been having a lot more discharge than usual. I have to change my panty liner twice in a day to prevent a buildup and nasty smell. The smell can get bad in the middle of the day and I try my best to clean myself with water and soap but it just comes back. I can sometimes smell it through my pants and I get worried that people around me can smell. I don't sweat down there either. But the amount of discharge is more than I am ever used to and it has a slightly yellow tint to it. It is not clumpy or cheesy or itchy or painful. It is just thick and almost clear looking, and has a yellow tint and a nasty smell if it builds up.

The weird thing is, that when we have sex, then the next day or two I won't have any discharge and my underwear is clean and I smell nothing! I have no idea why that is? I am worried about an infection that could possibly get worse. I never used to even buy panty liners until about a month after we began to have sex. Please let me know if you've had something similar or know what it might be. I want to get tested but I don't want to test for everything (which is what a lot of doctors do) because I don't want to be charged hundreds of dollars.
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IBecause of the increased amount of discharge and foul smell and in the absence of other symptoms, it sounds like a vaginal bacterial infection, (which BTW is quite common)
You need to see your doctor or gynecologist to take a vaginal swab to have it tested.
There are not a gazillion tests to be done. This should be a straight forward case so it should not cost you a fortune, lol!
If this is the case indeed, you will likely be prescribed  oral or topical antibiotics.

Hope this helps, however, my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes,
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I agree with Lightseakers response. It sounds like a bacterial or fungal infection. If you can't afford seeing a gynocologist then go to Family Planning. They can test you. I wouldn't wait . PID pelvic inflammatory disease can have permanent repercussions if you wait. Besides who wants to have a smell others might notice. Every woman has experienced something like this so don't be embarassed. Also be totally honest with your physician or PA. They need to know everything so they can help you.
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I know this sounds crazy but it works, get you some Garlic gel tablets ( can find in the vitamin section) insert one into your vagina as far as you can, do this everyday until symptoms are gone.
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it could be BV which is a common imbalance of bacteria  http://patient.info/health/bacterial-vaginosis-leaflet - get doc to check you out its always best to be checked
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