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Please help me with my son!?

In 2019 my son was 15 & misdiagnosed for more then 2 weeks. We were sent home repeatedly. He was so I’ll he couldn’t lift his head, blister rash on his whole body. Ultimately he was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder and scarlet fever and given antibiotics. The next 6 months after that episode he started having uncontrollable reflexes, blinking hard and fast, outbursts, and his behavior changed drastically. He was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. Hes 18 now and has severe anxiety, depression, extreme weight loss, mood swings, constantly fatigued with no energy and has shortness of breath, chest pains, blurry vision sometimes, weakness, confusion when trying to talk. I’ve taken him to the doctors at least 2 times a month since February and they have just tried different antidepressants which made things worse. I had them take blood tests and everything came back in normal range besides his folate level was very high at >20.0 and his albulim level is high 4.8. I feel helpless and want to figure what to do since his doctor isn’t looking into anything and just says not to give him folic acids or folate as if I have been!? Could it possibly be Pandas or can anyone give me advice on what to test more or what to do for him? He is so skinny and sleeps nonstop with no energy of appetite. I’m so worried. Please give advice!??  
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Has he been tested for diabetes?  My son had many of those symptoms just prior to his Type I Diabetes diagnosis.
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Im not sure. I was hoping they would know or would’ve tested him for that  during his last blood tests I just made them take, but I definitely plan on asking about diabetes and B12 deficiency at his next appointment. Thank you for the input, much appreciated!
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How is his B12 level?
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I don’t think they tested his B12 but after research on why he might have such high folate levels, that was definitely gonna be my next question. Thank you!
High folate levels can mask B-12 deficiency.   What autoimmune disorder did they diagnose your son with?
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