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Trying to help a friend!

Hello! So recently my friend, 18-19 year old male, has been having a lot of problems with hot flashes, nausea, bloating, headaches, fatigue, pale complexion, and stomach ache.

He’s been getting horrible hot flashes and nausea that affect his stomach (ie pain) and he says that they knock him out for the day and make him feel very fatigued. He’s had no changes in bowel habits, and has been tested negative for any thyroid problems, and is medicated for anemia. To my knowledge, he has no pats family history of major illness, so i ruled that out too.

He also says that he’s extremely sensitive to heat to a severe degree and it makes his stomach act up as well. It triggers the hot flashes and at times has made him almost faint. He gets close to vomiting sometimes the nausea is so bad.

I’ve gone through a bunch of prognoses but nothing really adds up? Or the things I have found are glaringly obvious and would have been one of the first diagnoses. If that makes sense??? Like it would’ve been picked up earlier.

It would be a huge help if people commented, and thank you if you do!!
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One other thing, really bad stomach pain can cause hot sweats but one is usually all too aware of such pain.  

Once, he has checked out things with his doctor again, he could consider food allergies or intolerances.  It's a tough road to go because there are no easy answers in this field.
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I'm not a doctor but has he been tested for any other hormonal imbalances?  Hot flushes do sound hormonal though I am aware that many conditions can cause them.

I do think he should go back to his doctor and say the problem is still there.  

Does he have any other symptoms?

Finally, this might seem a strange question but he is not taking hormones for any reason is he?  There might be reasons he doesn't want to tell his friend about.
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Is he taking supplemental niacin for any reason?  When you say he's been tested for thyroid, has he really?  The usual test your regular doc gives you doesn't test for that, you have to ask for specific test of thyroid hormones.  The usual test is just for Tsh, and that doesn't tell you much, you have to be tested for free T3 and 4.  It sounds, of course, like a woman going through menopause, but has he had his hormone levels checked other than thyroid?  Has he been tested for covid more than once?  What's he taking for the anemia, some iron isn't absorbed well and can cause nausea and constipation and other problems.  Some multivitamins do this because of a bad form of iron in them.  Has he been tested for B12 and B6 and folate?  Basically, a lot of stuff can be going on, and if his current docs aren't finding it or looking hard, find better docs.
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