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Severe Left Side Pain - Mystery

Hi Everyone
I am a 20 year old woman who has been experiencing chronic pain on my left side (flank area) for 6 years.
The pain used to only be brought on by walking for longer than 20 minutes or so, but for the last year and a half it seemed to come on at random.
It feels like a sharp, deep, spasmic-like pain that I can only describe as feeling like I'm being stabbed, or having salt water poured on a wound. It is very distinct, and like no pain I've ever experienced in any other part of my body.
The pain is DEBILITATING. I cannot walk or do anything when it comes on, but lay down and wait for it to pass. The episodes usually last about 30 minutes. Sometimes I'll have episodes all day. Some days I wont have it at all.
Sometimes, the pain is so severe that I get nauseous and vomit. Other times I've had to have family rush me to the E.R.

I've had almost every test in the book, and been to several GPs and specialists.
So far, we've ruled out: kidney stones (I was mis-diagnosed as having kidney stones for the first 3 years of having the pain. I was perscribed LorTab and took it daily in order to go to school) and any type of digestive tract problem (I recently had a colonoscopy that revealed no abnormalities).
I've had a CAT scan, an MRI, pelvic and abdominal ultrasound, blood tests, urine tests - all have come up normal.
I've even been to a Chiropractor regularily. I've been tested for food allergies.
I am the perfect weight, eat a very healthy diet, and my doctor has told me that I am in great health - but this just makes it so much more frustrating and mysterious.

I am very frustrated as this pain is inhibiting my ability to work and sometimes go to school. I'm a college student and not being able to work or attend class sometimes is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
I used to be an avid equestrian, but I had to give that up due to the fact that I cannot keep up with all the consistant care and physical work horses require.

If anyone has or knowns someone who has experienced this type of pain - please respond!

Thank You,
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If you have ever had an abdominal surgery of any kind ask your doctor about (ARD) Adhesions related Disorder. 94% of all patients develope this disease after a surgery.
There is no  way to detect adhesions on any scan or ultra sound. Surgery to remove it only leaves more adhesions. ARD is a vicious very painful and dangerous cycle that is caused by surgery.

God bless,
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Since most of the causes leading to such symptoms of left side abdominal pain in the flanks have been ruled out,some of the possibilities which may need evaluation.They are Functional abdominal pain syndrome (FAPS){ pain that persists > 6 mo without evidence of physiologic disease, shows no relationship to physiologic events (eg, meals, defecation, menses), and interferes with daily functioning.}, Chronic pancreatitis,pancreatic cancer(diagnosed by MRCP), mesenteric ischemia, peritonitis, abdominal aortic dissection and porphyria(a group of inherited or acquired disorders of certain enzymes in the heme biosynthetic pathway; diagnosed by Urine porphobilinogen and delta δ-aminolevulinic acid screening and RBC deaminase assay).

Pls discuss these possibilities with your doctor and see if these possibilities have been investigated or not.

Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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Thanks for the detailed post.

“ Abdominal pain -- a dull ache, a burning sensation, or a sharp, stabbing pain -- is one of the most common complaints in all of medicine.”

The pain you describe could be due to Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or pancreatitis. I am giving you a link for abdominal pain symptom check: http://www.itzarion.com/pain-symptoms-chart.html

You could also get your stool examined for worms. Worms are also notorious for causing chronic pain in abdomen, especially if they form a bolus in the intestine.

I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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