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Severe Pain in Vaginal area! Dr's have no answers!!

OK I am 21 years old and have been married for 4 years now and I have a 2 year old daughter. About a year ago I started getting horrible UTI like symptoms (which i never had before) and I have tried every home remedy there is(water, cranberry pills, baking soda, DMannose, teas, etc...) Now in the past year i have had probably 7 or 8 of these "infections". After about the 3rd one i went to my OB and he found no sign of infection in my urine and my pap came back normal. Each time i had one it got worse and lasted longer. I was on vaca and started to feel one coming on so I called my OB and he said he was going to call me in some UTI meds to take while I was there, so I took the meds that make your urine orange, but they did not help at all! I had a couple more after that but they either cleared themselves or just went away for a while. So now we are where I am at now and I have went to my regular dr and she sent my urine to be cultured but in the mean time she gave me 2 Diflucan pills to take because she thinks it is a yeast infection even though I have no itching whatsoever. She called me with the results of my urine culture and found no signs of infection. I took the Diflucan pill and it was like a miracle and I was in no pain at all so it said to take the 2nd one 3 days later if needed. I know we should have waited but me and my husband had unprotected sex the night before i was suppose to take the 2nd one and Almost immediately after we got done I was in horrible amounts of pain and the pain has not stopped since, so the next morning I took the 2nd Diflucan pill and nothing changed, I am still in terrible pain and nothing but Tylenol is helping. Now i will tell you my symptoms are burning and PAIN when urinating, not a lot but some discharge, foul odor, extreme vaginal pain, the pain literally is so bad it wakes me every morning around 4 and I can not get back to sleep until after my Tylenol kicks in, sitting on the toilet does relieve a lot of the pain though, throughout the day I am ok with moderate pain but that morning time almost kills me! Also my husband said he has been experiencing itching and his down there gets really red for like an hour then stops. So i am thinking it is something we both have. I have an appointment with my OB again in 3 days, but before I hear another "Well there is nothing I see" I wanted to get on here and ask. Thanks for reading and if anyone has any help I would appreciate it SO much because this is torture!  
Side note: I do not regularly drink water, I know I should but I just cant stand the bland taste. Also, I was thinking about going to a specialist, but didn't know if this was a case they regularly handle,  Anyways Thanks again!
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     I suggest that you see a urologist to see if perhaps you are suffering from interstitial cystitis.   Your urethra could have kinks in it or even be too long with a spiral in it.  A urologist can help you with that.  The specialist may have to stretch the urethra to make voiding easier.  
     And yes, you will have to learn to drink more water.   If you don't like water, buy the flavored water - certainly it is better than being dehydrated or suffering this way.
      Perhaps your husband is suffering from the acid in your urine.  Urine irritated skin can be quite uncomfortable.
     I hope this information was helpful.  Wish you both the best outcome.
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urologist wont help google curezone
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go to your doctor and get checked out for STD's first.  If that comes up negative, then I suggest you do what silverfox16 had suggested.  Good luck!
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