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Severe pain under rib cage

I've been having severe pain on the right side under my rib cage for ages now. I suffered from water infections since last april and have been back to the doctors and hospital many times! I've done numerous urine samples, and many of the times i've had an infection there but that doesnt seem to be the problem. I have also been for an ultrsound scan on my kidneys with everything clear. Also had an internal scan on my womb and ovaries with everything with that clear too. I've got to the point where its beyond coping with! My doctor says it wont be gallstones as they would have showed up on the ultrasound scan, but the nurse at the hospital said it was a possibility. They just keep giving me antibiotics and painkillers that doesnt help atall. Please help :(
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A small gallstone can be over looked in an ultrasound especially if there is no swelling of the gallbladder, but still cause pain. Personally I have had about 10 gallbladder attacks that are mind numbingly painful, but only once has my gallbladder been inflamed.

Experiment a little- go on a gallbladder friendly diet for a week or two. Does it help? If it does it might push your doctor to looking harder at your gallbladder. If it doesn't then your gallbladder can be completely ruled out.

Foods to avoid are processed, high fat, and fried foods (so basically all fast foods). Many people also have a problem with red meats, pork, dairy products, most oils, alcohol, and eggs. Some people have problems with avocados, coconut, nuts, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, high acidic and spicy foods. I know that's a lot of foods and it can be hard so keep it simple for a week. Breakfast is a low fat cereal (oatmeal, no nut museli, special k, etc.) if you can stomach it, switch to a diary free milk (soy, almond, oat, hemp, etc.) If you can't only use fat free milk or nothing at all. For lunches and dinners, again keep it simple and light. Rice dishes like risotto (at least half the oil/butter), sushi (not made with sushi mayonnaise), grilled chicken breast, white fish, or canned tuna. Bake, grill, or steam everything.

Also try to keep a food diary- like using the food tracker on here. Not so much for the how many calories aspect but it will help you see how much fat you're getting and you can more easily see if there are certain foods you're always sick after eating.

If your doctor is uncooperative you might want to consider switching doctors. If you are in near constant pain, something is wrong.
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Thanks for the reply! My diet doesnt consist of any of the things you've mentioned really. I dont like most of them and dont drink alcohol atall often. I'm glad you've pointed out that it could still be gallstones, at least this gives me something to lean back on! Thanks again.
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When i was having sharp pains under my rip cage and around my entire chest area several blood tests, ultra sounds, and several other tests missed the ulcer in my stomach. mine was caused from to much caffeine and msg products. try slowing down on products like those and see if that helps. or even maalox. It comes in several flavors that do not taste as horid as the original.
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