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Should I be concerned with my symptoms?

Hello Everyone, I am an adult 21 year old female and have been dealing with frustrating symptoms causing insomnia as they happen mostly at night and on occasion during the day. I have been feeling constantly lightheaded, nauseous,trembling along with frequent tingling pains throughout my body and frequent urination. I have done tests before and normal and can’t accept the answers because my symptoms won’t go away. I am concerned. I also have hypothyroidism and a family history of Diabetes.
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Hi, msample21.

You need to be thorough, YOURSELF!
Do not ever rely 100% on the medical system.
Being proactive and on top of things will
put you at a lower risk for iatrogenic-related
medical issues.
Iatrogenic: relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment.

Having said this, you have to be absolutely sure that your thyroid function is not under-regulated or over-regulated.
It happens to more thyroid patients than not!
What are you taking for that and how much and when?
Did you know that your basal temperature is a good indicator of your thyroid function, regardless of Labs?
Most standard thyroid tests are flawed!
Do you perhaps have any recent test results?

And in regards to your family history of Diabetes, what are you doing about it?
Have you optimized your diet, nutrition and meals around  Diabetes prevention?

You also need to explore other "viable" possibilities, such as Candida (yeast overgrowth), Hormonal issues
(besides Thyroid) and deficiencies, such as methylocobalmin B12 and methylfolate (MMA test),
Magnesium (RBC Mg test), Vitamin D, Iron panel etc.

If you want further details on anything, please post again here.

Best wishes,

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Hello~Niko has given you some great suggestions. I would like to add there is a possibility you could have either Chronic Fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia. Both are difficult to diagnose however. I would certainly suggests these to your PCP.

I suggest you add a good, organic high potency multi-vitamin, B complex, the herbs echinacea and propolis and multi-mineral complex. You need to strengthen your immune system and these supplements with help you feel better in general. Oh, and also drink at least 8 glasses of 8oz of water daily, this helps to flush the impurities out of your system along with keeping you hydrated.

I hope you are feeling better by now. God bless you.
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