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Shoulder pain, belly button pain

Past week I woke up with pain in my right side of my neck and in the back of my right shoulder blade so bad it would radiate pain down my right arm to the elbow. Thought it might just be a crick in my neck. A week later pain still constant but than as suddenly pain in belly button appeared and pain in shoulder gone. Than horrible pain in middle of chest and back between both shoulder blades after drinking a margarita and eating fried chicken which I hardly ever do.
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A few things need to be ruled out immediately: liver infection, gall bladder infection or stones, duodenal ulcer, food poisoning, pancreatitis, or a severe gastric reflux. Possibility of a heat ailment like angina too should be investigated by a 12 lead EKG. You must consult a gastroenterologist or get your PCP to run the preliminary tests to rule out these conditions. Try Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and antacid gels after meals and see if it helps. Fix up an appointment ASAP. Take care!
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you didnt say whether you are male or female and age and med history. i am not a medical doctor but symptoms seem to suggest:  gallbladder, non-acute appendicitis, reflux(esp.most recent symptoms) but do NOT forget that not all heart disease presents on the left esp. in women. Continual pain is something you cannot ignore-cardiac ischemia, gallbladder disease, and reflux need to be ruled out. And just because what you consumed gave you pain does not mean that 2 separate processes are not going on. good luck.
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I did go to my primary and he set me up for an ultrasound which once again showed no stones or abnormalities. He had them check my pancreas, gall bladder and liver. He did not do a blood test which I thought they had some test to check for enzymes. I don't know I haven't had anymore attacks lately and they do just happen whenever with no rhyme or reason. Whether I've eaten or not it can happen, I can drink margaritas one time but not the next. It can even happen if I drink pina coladas. It can happen when I eat greasy foods one time but not the next or even if I eat a salad its happened. I found a website of others that had the same thing with no concusions. I don't want to be subject to anymore test I've had a previous ct which showed some reaction but once again they wouldn't do anything cause I was pregnant. I was precribed omeprazole which I haven't taken cause I haven't felt ill again. I asked if it was possible that I had a nonfunctioning gall bladder and dr said yea its possible that it works sometimes and than not. Still at zero.
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