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So many symptoms for so much time

I remember waking up some day 11 years ago when I was 19 and I had all the symptoms on the Earth. dizzyiness, shortness of breath, bad vision, sweating a lot, peeing a lot drinking a lot, always hot, heartache etc..
I made tests for every knowing disease both in Ukraine and Syria and nothing..everything is alright with my lungs and heart and all other organs.
Now, I am 30 and I still have these symptoms which I kinda got used to it. Last month it became worse in my digestion system as I always go to poop after eating something cooked on oil, and the poop isn't normal and had smell so I made stool test and it turned I have some bacteria which isn't serious anyway like they told me "klebsila pneuomenai" or something.
I forgot to say that I also feel so bad when I don't eat for 5 hours maybe but I checked sugar and hormons and everything is alright.
I don't even know to what to do, the only problem bothering me is the constant dizzyiness, 24/7. I haven't checked my head, could it be the problem?
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Have you ever since a Gastroenterologist?  I would have Celiac disease ruled out.

No thyroid issues, correct?
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The relationship between certain autoimmune diseases and enterobacteria, especially Klebsiella pneumoniae, has been reported from several groups in several countries, including Turkey and Syria.

Suspect in your case is a variant of Behçet disease,with mainly neurological and gastrointestinal involvement.

You may want to consider a  starch and gluten-free or very low carb diet
(klebsiella, which lives in the gut, feeds on undigested starch)

You should  also get a blood test for lipase levels ( used to diagnose and monitor  pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, and Crohn disease)

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