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Taste is off and smell of bowels weird freaking out

Hello not sure where to post this question. Bowels is partial my question so I choose to post here sorry if it’s wrong

First I’m 37 year old female active but overweight

I noticed a few weeks ago my taste is off. I haven’t had covid that I have known of. I love Doritos and literally cannot stand the taste. I had filet mignon everyone said it was good and it tasted weird odd off to me. Same with chicken and pork

My poop has smelled funny to me too not like worse but not like my poop. I cannot tell if it’s my nose or my poop

I googled it said warning signs for cancer and I freaked out.

What do I do. I have thought of fasting to try and reset I’m confused and freaking out
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Try a nettti pot for your sinus. It could help with the taste and brush and scrape your tongue. The taste buts can renew every two weeks maybe if you excite a refresh it may help. As for the poop smell it maybe chemical stay away from anything that can give you heartburn or GERD for a while and maybe fast with some tummeric tea for a day or two.
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Hmmm… you said you haven’t had COVID … that you KNOW of. Does that mean you were not tested? Your description of tastes & smells sounds a lot like the descriptions of some folks who had COVID. I’d suggest you get tested, but if you already had it (maybe a mild case) & recovered, you might test negative. You can also get a COVID antibodies test - that would tell you if you ever developed antibodies to it, in other words, if it’s positive, it would mean you did have it at one point. I’ve heard many ppl who had COVID had continuing prblms w/ taste & smell long after they were over it. Good luck to you & let us know what’s found…
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Hi back in early 2020 I was tested negative and I have taken at home tests a few times in the past year all negative. Had 2 out of 3 of the vaccine. But you know. I was around a lot of people with covid. I did lose my smell for about 2 days. Didn’t notice really other than my strong aroma therapy lotion had zero smell. But I felt fine and it went away. That was in October maybe. This just started maybe 3 weeks ago. Antibody test sounds interesting hmm
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