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Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck

I am 43yo male, and recently had US and CT scan of the neck to investigate two swollen lymph nodes which were present for longer than a year in my left neck. Several nodes were found on the jugular(mid) chain, many sub-centimeter and 5 >= 1 CM the largest ones were 2.26, 1.65 and 1.55 CM. They are on both sides of the neck and under my chin as well. Nothing else was found in CTs of abdomen and groin. I have a biopsy scheduled for next month, but have read myself into anxiety attacks. I have read that anything above 1 CM is abnormal. I have no pain in the nodes themselves but have developed pain in the neck which seems like a stiff neck, and pain exists with any pressure from straining or lifting, also movement related pain in neck, chest and spine in the same region. No signs of infection at all, but do have extreme fatigue, back pain, some weight loss, among other varied symptoms. My Primary Dr said since no other enlarged nodes were found in other regions, he is not concerned about lymphoma.

Are there other conditions that could cause lymph nodes to be swollen for this length of time? Should I be as concerned as I feel about this, or is it more likely not related to something  serious? Is it possible to have lymphoma without nodes in other regions showing signs? Are biopsies only done when cancer is suspected? Any other info or suggestions are welcomed, I am not usually one to worry about such things, but for whatever reason this has me having some anxiety waiting for the biopsy.

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I have a few questions for you; You mentioned that you have had two nodes on the left side of your neck for approx one year. How big are these nodes and how did you discover them?

You said you are experiencing fatigue and have other symptoms. What are the other symptoms? Do you have a fever?

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Thank you for your questions.

Those two are the larger of the nodes, the 2.26 one is mid point on the neck the 1.65 is just below the back of the jaw. Initially I thought I only had the one behind the jaw, which I just happened to notice one day as it is easily felt. I had noticed some enlargement in the mid neck but did not know it was a lymph node, because it is very hard and fixed. It was not until initial Dr. visit that he said it was a lymph node. There was also some popping and clicking in the middle of my neck and when I swallow it feels/sounds like tiny bubbles are traveling back up my throat.

Sometimes I have low grade fever which comes and goes but never for very long.
Other symptoms include:

Pain in the neck which feels like stiff neck (left side)
Pain in my chest and back on the left side just below the collar bone through to just below the shoulder blade. Pinched nerve like feeling on the left side of my spine just above the trapezoid muscle.

Extreme Fatigue
Lower Back Pain
Gastrointestinal problems.
Trouble swallowing, (feeling of food stuck in my upper chest)
Spontaneous vomiting/sudden nausea.
Small red dots in various locations, but not densely in any location
Increased taste sensitivity to spice (everything tastes spicey)
Extreme sensitivity to cold, touching ice causes severe pain in fingers.
Rash developed on elbows that does not respond to medication.
Pain in feet and lower legs, especially in the morning after waking up.

I also notice in the CT and it was later confirmed a nodule on my kidney, the radiologist believes it is a cyst, but since he didn
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Have you had any blood tests done to check your liver? Also have you had a complete CBC done? If so, were results within normal limits? If not, what was abnormal?

You mentioned that you are going in for a biopsy next month. Are they removing one of the larger nodes in your neck?

I also wanted to know if you are experiencing night sweats?


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Not really night sweats, as I have read of them. Some light sweating around the back of my neck around the hair line, but not drenching sweats.

Everything on CBC and Thyroid were within normal ranges, no check of the liver.

The biopsy is a US guided FNA, on the largest of the nodes in the mid-left neck.

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Today i woke up with so much internal pain in my left back side of my neck. I have popping/clicking when i swallow and came across this site! I am so nervous. I am the heathiest person and for the last year and a half i have had this issue. I have seen eight different ENT doctors and first it's this and then it's nothing but then it's that. When finally my dentist discovered i had eagles syndrome which was a calcified ligament on the left of my neck. I went back to a new ENT and got surgery. I have to enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and when they did surgery on the ligament that was 3.5 cm think they removed the ligament and said it came back fine. But i am still having so much pain in my chest, shoulder, head, neck, and throat. None of the doctors know anything and i am worried i am not feeling right. My temp actually dropped to 96.8 which was odd.. any one have any adive?
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they removed the lymph node not ligament sorry about that
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Can you let me know how your biopsy turns out. I have had a lymph node in my neck for 7 months that I can feel. It has not enlarged and I have no other symptoms. I am very curious.

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I am having the biopsy tomorrow but won
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You are having it done today. Hope all goes well!
I did go to my ENT doctor about my node in May and he was not concerned at all. It actually seems to wax and wane. Please let me know how you are.

Take care,

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first time on this site...wanted to know how robs biopsy went.i have alot of the same symptoms as rob. also i'm starting to have pain in arms and legs. dont know if its related. constantly tired. ct scan also shows i have in my abdomen,and under arms... two weeks ago i had one swollen so bad in my inner thigh area could barely wak from the pain.my pcp wants me to see a hemo/oncologist... rob i pray all is well with you,deb u as well.
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I have been waiting for rob to post. Hope that does not mean that the outcome of the biopsy was really bad. How long have you had your problems? What exactly is going on?

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no i have expeirenced lower back pain... tingly filling in my finger tips, dizzy head, dizzy everytime i get up, low grade fevers.. headaches.. pain in the bottom of my head.. just all these things and the doctors seem to not listen or care? Robb how many doctors have you gone through?
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the pain in my collarbone and back of neck had for months, but just didn't complain about it.  was hospitalized for tingling in arms and legs last month. ct scan showed showed the swollen lymph nodes in neck abdomen and pelvis......mentioned doing i biopsy. but released me telling me to follow up with the hemo/oncologist.  i pray he ok as well.
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Dang I'm sorry to hear of your symtoms. It sucks that i have had to deal with doc after doc. I was healthy before, thought i had strep, saw 7 ent's got surgery and now and worse the before.. sucks..
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Do you have fatige, fever, night sweats? I am worried about you and if you have these symptoms I hope that you will get a biopsy. I am curious when you started having symptoms and how things progressed. How long did it all take?
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You said that you had surgery and they removed a large lymph node. What was the result of the biopsy of that lymph node?
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hey deb.....some of my symptoms didn't associate with lymph nodes..had a slight heart attack 7/05....thought tingling was meds.  have sciatica as far as back pain. thought the limb pain was from cholestrol meds, but have been off that for months so its not that.. everything started within the last yr.  fatigue i associated with meds. prior to heart attack, no high blood pressure, cholestrol wasn't that high to put on meds. had just had a good stress test than bam. so to answer your question all within last yr.  blood work shows no infection.
symptoms: fatique,nausea (started last week) back pain, that feeling of something stuck in middle of my chest,pain to the touch around collarbone,neck pain figured i slept wrong, sweat all the time,pain and tingling in limbs, and the last that i can think of which is strange and its not heartburn. if i try to walk to fast or up the stairs chest into throat feels like a burning like i was cleaning something with bleach.  sorry its so long. thanks for listening.
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hope all is well with u.....praying for u and rob.
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Thank you. My prayers to you also.

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Sorry for the delay. I finally got the test results, I went to the Dr to get them sat in his waiting room and I have been sick ever since. What I get for going to an ENT that takes children this time of year I guess.

The good news the results came back, no apparent lymphoma or metastatic cancer. He said still possibility of a lymphoma but unlikely.

The bad news, no explanation of why they are swollen. So I guess the possibility will remain in the back of my mind for a while.

Thanks Deb and others for the support! I hope you have the same if not better luck.
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So glad to hear your news! I was concerned about you when I did not hear back and it sure did take a long time for your ENT.
Did you receive any news in regards to all of the symptoms you have? Maybe your lymph glands are just enlarged due to whatever is causing you to be so sick.

Hang in there!

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Hi new here 26 female I have had Graves which is now better, and unexplained anemia which is now better. Well I now have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for over six months the doc did a ct and said I have lots for a adult but they are not over 1cm. Blood test do not shown ever having cat scratch or mono no infections and have tried antibo. still swollen? Any ideas?
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Any other symptoms? Fever, weight loss, night sweats, itching or any pains in your abdomen?
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I have many of the symptoms that Rob has.  Swollen lymph nodes in back of neck, hard to swallow and sounds that he says he hears when he swallows, except I don't have a feeling that something is stuck in throat its kind of like its hard swallow and you can hear me swallow quite loudly when I drink something.  I have tingling sensation in my right thumb and top of hand into arm.  I have pain in the area where the lymph node is in the back of my neck and surrounding it.  I feel pretty good otherwise actually.  I would not describe this pain as unbearable more of an annoyance. In fact I always just thought I had a stiff neck.. and would always have my kids and hubby massage the back of my neck.  My husband is the one who felt the node (if that is what it is).. and, when he mentioned it, I felt it too. I have no weight loss, no night sweats, no fever, and generally feel well... I do feel tired quite a lot, but I am 44 with 6 children aged 16 to 7, so I always assume it is just my lifestyle raising all these children.  When I first mentioned to my doctor that I had pain in the neck and tingling in the fingers... he felt it was probably due a disk in my neck and wanted me to have an MRI... at the time I wasn't too worried about it and didn't botherso much, so I didn't bother to go. However, now that I feel the lymph node I will go back to see what he thinks.  One of my questions are... actually to Rob... do you have a history of problems with your teeth?  I always have and was wondering if anyone else out there that has these swollen nodes in neck also have problems with their teeth and also wondering if problems with teeth (infections and such) could cause the nodes in the back of the neck swell up. Also, the glands in the front of my neck have always been large... these problems I've experienced have gone on for years... So, I'm hoping its nothing serious because, if it is, and I have it for years.... what chance would I have?  If anyone reads this that has some more info or these symptoms too, please share.

Thank you.

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