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Twitching/tremor in Pelvic Area

I am 58 years old - post menopaus about 5 years - and have recently developed a strange feeling in my vaginal/pelvic floor area that I can only describe as a vibrating sensation. It feels like a cell phone vibration (sorry - that's the best I can do to describe it). It's very rhythmic, lasts about 2 seconds with 2 seconds in between vibrations. It does not hurt, but is so annoying and distracting that its driving me nuts. The only other symptoms I have, which seem totally unrelated, are a bad case of eczema (hands and legs) and a fungal skin and nail infection on my feet. I'm on meds for hypothyroidism, blood pressure and cholesterol. Just had bloodwork done and everything was normal.
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How are you?
This symptom of vaginal twitch is a very unusual symptom and like you mentioned it is unrelated to your other symptoms.
It can be due to stress and anxiety. Please consult your OBGYN about it. Do keep us posted!
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Thanks for the reply, Dr Noopur. I really thought I was crazy until I searched on MedHelp and found so many other people that posted with this symptom. Is this like a twitch you get in your eye caused by stress? It's so weird I don't even know how to describe it to my doctor. Can it be caused by anything other than stress?
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Yes it feels like the twitch that one gets in the eye when under stress. The only thing is it is occurring regularly in your case.
It can even due to tingling nerves in the perineal region. However nothing can be said for sure.
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The feeling is very different from a twitching....the description of a vibration is very accurate.  It doesn't feel the same to me as a twitch that I have occasionally had in my eye...so much that many are mistaking it for thinking they have a cell phone in their pocket!  Mine is not regular intervals.  
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I have the vibrating sensation in the pelvic bone area for around a year.  The first time it happened that I noticed I thought my cell phone in my pocket was vibrating.  It is a strange sensation to start at age 60.  I am a healthy women who has a healthy lifestyle.  I often wondered if it was beginning of Parkinson's since my mom had that.  I also wondered if it had anything to do with Osteoporosis since just in the last year I have had some bone loss to spine and now take extra calcium.  It must be a common thread among women, whatever the cause.  Thanks for the website because it helped me with my view of this ...Ann
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Just an update - a couple of months later, the vibrating stopped as mysteriously as it started. I have no idea what caused it, but I'm glad it's gone (at least it seems to be). Has anyone ever found out what caused their vibration? I've been having a pins and needles feeling in my upper back and am wondering if all of this is due to pinched nerves in spine.
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Hello, I had this same buzzing/vibrating feeling on the left side of my vaginal wall.  It was driving me crazy; it made me feel very anxious; I couldnot eat or sleep. It lasted about 4 days. I went to my general doctor who thought it was stress related and prescibed an anti-depressant. I also saw my gynecologist, who did a very thorough exam and found nothing. However, she prescribed flexiril muscle relaxer. After taking both a couple of times the vibration stopped.  I do believe it is from stress affecting the lower back area, specifically the ligaments in that area. Also, I want to mention prayer, I was on my face praying for relief from this condition.  So far so good.  It has been almost 1 week since I felt it.  Please pray and ask God to show you where and what might be your deliverance from this very irritating condition.
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I have had this "twitching" sensation off and on (mostly off thank goodness) during the last 25 years.  It is on the left inside of my labial wall.  I notice that when I have a body massage and the therapist works on my left glut, the twitching becomes intense and unconfortable.  It almost feels like the buttock muscle (piriformis?) needs deep trigger point pressure to release it.  When I go thru these episodes I sometimes have difficulty sitting and would rather stand and put the pressure downward where it relieves the twitching.  I have deduced over the years that it does indeed seem to be stress related and goes away with time.  It is amazing how the body releases stress...and annoying!
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I've been having the occasional sensation of a cell phone going off in my pants' pockets for several years now (happens every few weeks or so). I'm 48.  No family history of parkinson's.  I heard Fresh Air w/terry gross the other day - she was interviewing a filmmaker who just did a Nova documentary on PBS about his parkinson's disease - and he mentioned this exact symptom as his earliest indication that he had parkinson's.  I'm scared witless right now.  Anybody ever hear this before, or know of other explanations for that cell phone sensation?
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My grandfathered had Parkinson's disease.  I was also listening to the Fresh Air interview and heard the guest mention the feeling of a cell phone vibrating in his pocket.  My heart just about stopped!  I had this vibrating feeling twice in the past few weeks.  I've been on pins and needles since hearing that show.  However, I found something that may be of some help.  See the posting by RxAnn: http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?p=86904
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I had a Mirena put in yesterday and I also have the vibrating sensation everyone here is describing (cell phone buzzing).  The Mirena was inserted during surgery which also included removal of a polyp.  

I don't know if it is only a coincedence or if it is due to the Mirena.  I will ask my doctor when I see him for a follow-up on April 14th.  I will let you know what he says.


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I thought I was going crazy! Mine started about a week ago on the first day of my period. I thought that the vibrations were somehow related to the menstrual blood leaving my body as I have a heavy flow and was wearing a pad that day. But the vibrations continued after my period was over. And it's just as everyone else described as the sensation of a cell phone vibrating in your pocket or on the couch. Then I thought it could be from over use of my vibrator...but that doesn't seem to be a common thread here!

Would be wonderful if someone had an answer!
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Hi, I have been reading up on "Pelvic Vibrations" and still haven't read what Doctor's have found to cause this.  I have had a feeling of "buzzing" or vibrating on my pelvic area, more like on top of my pubic bone, to the right side.  It seems to "go off" every 15-20 seconds and lasts about 7 seconds.  It happens when I sit, stand, lay down, you name it.  I cannot feel it with my hands, and I can't hear anything like you would a stomach growl from being hungry.  It's almost as though I have something living in there that is moving around..even though I am sure that is not it. It is driving me crazy though!  
I had an uncle who had Parkinson's, but I'd hate to start thinking this could be a symptom of that. The internet can certainly put a fright in us since it is so filled with information.  I would like to know what the heck this is though - anyone know????
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I am a 35 year old female and started experiencing these exact same symptoms last Monday ..vibrating/buzzing near the lower right side of my groin.  It was driving me nuts!  I took MRL's advice (from Webmd's blog on this same subject) and tried the L-Theanine - natural remedy found in health food stores and within a day - IT WORKED!!! ( took 800MG over the course of the day and have continued with that dose all week.)   The natural remedy assists with cardiovascular restriction and also has the same calming effects as Green Tea.  I also said a few prayers as well :-)  Best of luck!
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I want to thank who ever mentioned the L-Tyrosine. I had been going crazy with this vibrating / buzzing and in my "privates" and was not looking forward to talking with my Dr. about this knowing he would think I was crazy. I took 1,000 MG yesterday and 500 so far today and so far have not has it happen one time in almost 18 hours. I was have it happen several times an hours up to 40 or 50 times. After reading lots of posts found nothing to suggest how to treat except L-Tyrosine and didn't even know what it was or where to find it. Go to any heathfood store and get some, try it and see for yourself if it works.
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I am a 56 yo male and just noticed this last night.     It is about 2 secs on, 2 secs pause, and back on again.   Rhythmic and cyclic.

Hard to describe it.  Whirring, vibrating, whatever.   Seems strange.  

I'd felt this years before but it went away.

Could it be blood coursing through an area that has nerve sensitivity?   Maybe an obstruction of pinching of vein or artery?

I may never check this site again, so if anyone has info, please email ***@****.


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I was amazed when I found this blog site.  I was trying to describe my symptoms to my husband when the vibrations started about a week ago and I described it exactly how everyone els has.  I literally keep checking my cell phone to see if I have a missed call! I told my husband that I wanted to look up the symptom on the internet but what exactly was I looking for?  A vibrating private part? Glad to know that I am not crazy!!  I want to thank everyone for the remedy ideas but has anyone actually found out why it happens in the first place?  It is driving my crazy and it's only been a week!
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I am so glad I found this site. I had asked my dr. about the vibrating in my pelvic area. He did not know. It is driving me crazy. It seems to be getting worse. I have had it about a month. It feels like I am sitting on a cell phone. I can't believe after all the sites I have checked, I still don't know what is causing it! Any dr.'s out there looking at this site?
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I am another with these symptoms.  I am 37 and broke my hip and pelvis 10yrs ago.  I would discribe it like creeking bones, a quake, or quiver.  I never thought of it as the cell phone vibration, but i could call it that but not as intense, but mild.  I have had it about 5 years I will start up randomly and when it starts its consistant for anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of min.  I have had pelvic therapy by a specialist who had never heard of it.  I have talked to several doctors and none of them has ever seemed to have heard of it.  I have talked to at least 20 massage theripist and only one seem to understand what could be going on.  She said perhaps stress of the muscles.  This Forum is the first time I have looked on the internet and I feel a bit relieved that I am not alone.  I drives me up the wall as well.  I usually find releif only when I Pray and decree over my body healing in Jesus name.  I have to also pray over my mind that fear has no place, because as a woman you know how that can come in and eat your lunch!  I just went for a pelvic ultrasound tuesday for other pevic reasons I will post if I learn of anyother possible answers.
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Welcome to the forum!
Pelvic tremors can be due to PID or pelvic inflammatory disease (in women), compression of sacral spinal nerves or due to pudendal neuralgia as an initiating symptom. Menopause and hormonal changes too can cause pelvic tremors in women. For women a combined approach of a gynecologist and a neurologist is required. Men should consult a neurologist.
A neurologist will usually follow four steps to diagnosis. “The predominant factor in the diagnoses of pudendal neuralgia are the symptoms.
Then, the medical exams that one should have are:
1. The clinical exam
2. MRI or CT Scan
3. Pudendal Nerve Motor Latency Test (PNMLT)
4. Diagnostic block”
Hope this helps. You can refer to this link for more details: http://www.pudendal.info/info/DiagnosisInfo.htm
Hope this helps. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Apparently this apparently weird symptom isn't uncommon at all ... it most likely means you have a urinary tract infection. That's what my diagnosis is. Head to the clinic and get tested.
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Several months ago when I began having tremors inside my vagina, It felt like when my eye is tired and it twitches.  This was happening every 10 seconds and lasted for about 5-7 seconds.  It was so annoying and decided to go on the Internet to find that many other women suffered from the same thing.  A number of sites suggested that it may be caused by stress.  On one of the sites, a few women suggested taking a natural remedy called "Theanine."  I decided to give it a try before scheduling an appointment with a doctor, and after about a week, the tremors were gone.  It has been several weeks now, and I have not had a problem since.  I wanted to find the same site that posted the natural remedy and thank the women who suggested it, but I clicked on so many sites, I don't remember which one it was.  So, I just wanted to share my experience here, in hopes that it will help someone else.  I am so delighted to be rid of this annoying problem, and I hope you get rid of it too.  Please try Theanine for a while...it can't hurt...and SO happy it helped me.
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