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Unexplained chronic condition...

Hello, i have some unexplained symptoms that at first resembled a mild viral infection, but became chronic and weird (1 year this week).

- Perstistent tender lymph nodes in the neck (ocassionaly in the armpits) for 1 year. This was the first symptom. It does come and go, and pain switches from node to node. It is sometimes bilateral, sometimes unilateral. There are days where they do not hurt or hurt only a little, but pain always comes back.

- Pustular folliculitis (acneiform) like eruptions on whole back and arms, resistant to treatment with doxycycline (3 months), itraconazole (3 weeks) roaccutane(1,5 months) and topical treatment like benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, corticosteroids all failed to improve the condition.This condition leaves hyperpigmented scars afterwards. (It looks ugly)

- Ocassional bullae on finger sider that develop either spontaneously or after minor prick to that area. (This symptom is not active at the moment)

- Random, ocassional arthropod bite-like erruptions on the skin without an actual arthropod bite ( This symptom comes and goes pretty quick)

- nail changes - melanonychia and splinter hemmorhages, faint vertical stripes.

- internal fatigue, no fever

- persistent loose stools

- mild lymphocitosis and eosinophilia on CBC (for 1 year) Peripheral blood smear shows lymphocites at 0,53 while CBC lymphocite count is 3,8-4,0. CRP and ESR are both low. (0,4 & 2)

Test results :

ANA - negative
Bartonellosis - negative
Celiac disease (tTg-igA) - negative
CMV - negative
COVID - negative
EBV - acute negative (had it in 2005)
HIV - negative*
HCV - negative*
HBV - negative*
Syphillis - negative*
Toxoplasmosis - negative

* - window period (>6 months) considered

- Immunoglobulins (igA,igG, igM igE) are all normal

For skin symptoms a skin sample was taken:

- demodex folliculorum - negative
- pityrosporum ovale - negative

Does this combination of symptoms indicate anything?
Thank You!
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