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Unintentionally lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks

I'm a 20 year old male with an elevated LDL cholesterol level. To lower my cholesterol, I recently cut out a good amount of saturated fats from my diet. Other than that, I have not made any changes to my lifestyle.

I used to weigh 170 lb, which is a bit high for my age. However, I've been seeing my weight go down 2-3 pounds a week lately. I also don't feel as hungry as I used to. When I sit down to eat, I can eat a wholesome meal, but I don't feel that same want/eagerness to eat as I used to before.

I don't know if this is because of the small change in my diet, or part of something else. I used to weight 190 a year before. Without any dietary or lifestyle changes, I'm in the 160-170 range. But then again, it was a pretty stressful year for me.

What should I make of all this?

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Because you did change something, I'd look at it as a good thing.  You were probably eating too much animal fat of the wrong kind, and that can affect metabolism.  One of the main things found in cultures who don't have obesity problems is they don't eat a lot of red meat.  If it goes on for too long, though, I'd see my doctor.  This can also happen when people quit eating sugar, or change to a much healthier diet that emphasizes veggies and whole grains and cuts down on the things we all know are bad for us but are really fun to eat.  It can change their metabolism pretty quickly and have dramatic results.  Increasing exercise can also do this, actually cutting down on appetite even though the person is using more energy.  The body is finding a new stasis.  But again, if it goes on for a long time and you start to lose a lot of weight, see a doctor.
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I'm actually a vegetarian, so I've never eaten meat before. But before I cut out most saturated fats, I was eating a lot of junk food like chips and nachos and pizza.  

Also, I went to the doctor and used their scale to weight myself. Actually, it turns out that I've only lost half a pound in the last three weeks. I don't understand why I'm getting two different readings between the scale at home and the one in the doctor's office.
Of course, if you eat dairy, you're not completely a vegetarian, but if you're a vegetarian and have high cholesterol you're eating very poorly.  Being a vegetarian doesn't guarantee health, you still have to follow all the same rules as non-vegetarians.  Anyway, I hope it all works out.  As for the scale, the one at home is not as accurate as the one at the doctor's office.  You might have been wearing shoes.  Whoever took your weight at the doctor's office might have read the scale wrong, it often happens.  Lots of things happen.  The important thing is what happens long-term.  All the best.
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