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Upper back by the base of my neck is swollen

Hello, how are you tonight?  This is my problem among others but right now this is the one that is causing me pain and causing me not to do things I want to do because of pain and swelling.  I have a little hunch that I've had since I was a teen and was tested for MS and all that stuff and it came back fine.  So, I was told I had a bad posture etc, nothing was ever done to correct it.  Well, I never realized that i was so hunched over until my recent boyfriend mentioned it and asked me about it.  I told him it doesn't hurt, I've always had it and I asked him if it looked big to him he said no.  Then, last week he told me where the lump is it was swollen and wanted me to go to the ER.  I have been in pain in that area on and off all week.  It has caused me to lay down a lot more this week with ice on the area and taking up to 800 mg of Ibuprofen.  I decided to see a chiropractor for the first time ever tomorrow morning at 9 45.  I have a script from my dr. to get an x ray done on the curve area of my back to see if I have osteoporosis or something like that.  What could be causing my lump to be swollen, tender to touch and painful?  I know it is hard to diagnose someone without actually seeing the lump and swollen area but do you have any ideas of what this may be?  I am scared that I'm going to turn out like the hunchback of Notre Dame and I'm only 41 but I am short and Obese for my height.  Thank you for reading.  Have a nice night.  Tygerose.
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I went to see a rheumatologist because a had a false positive ANA test for lupus. I also have pain in my neck and shoulders and its't so stiff in the morning he sent me to an x-ray but I haven't gotten the results, H e said it might be a little fibromyalgia or arthritis in the spine. the pain is so bad that some times I need to lift my own head with my hands to move it around or up and down when I am laying down. It comes and goes and they are called flares sometings provoke it. and than it goes away or I have to take medication. I am sure they will get to the bottom of your problem and I am still waiting for answers for me.
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Hi, well, she said I have Osteoarthritis in my neck and back, I have very low vit D because there was calcium build up in my bones, I have hardly any motion in my neck (to the right and left) and I have mild to moderate scoliosis.  I've been depressed a lot this past week considering everything else I deal with healthwise.  I have a script to see a Rheumatologist, I should be making those calls on monday but I am getting my bloodwork done and going back to the chiropractor for the 15 min ice/massage which helped the swelling go down and I was able to move my neck better and she wants to talk to me in furthar detail of her findings on my ex ray which I'm trying not to be worried about considering she did talk to me for almost a half and hour.  Well, good luck and keep me updated on what they said is going on with you and thank you for answering.  
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