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Visible and non visible muscle twitches

On and off for the past year i've been having random muscle twitches in my shoulders, forearms, legs, butt and most recently fingers.  The two main fingers are my left thumb, it starts twitches if i apply pressure, and my right index finger is just a random annoying twitch that goes from side to side.  In the beginning of January I had surgery on my left index finger to reattach the nerve so im not worried about my right thumb its probably some kind of trauma.
Recently the muscle twitches moved more up to my thighs and inner thigh twitches are painfull and they come and go for minutes to days.  And my calve and butt twitches are when i sit or lay down and those only last for seconds.  Im also finding myself more clumsy than usual and my hands shake like crazy.  

I just had a series of blood test every thing was fine except my carbon and oxygen was low (i smoke), my b12 was average (226) but in the range where it could be low for some people, my white cell count was a little high (i was getting over a nasty wisdom tooth infection) and my potassium was low, which doesnt make sense because i eat a lot of potasium rich food.
Anyway... I'm just curious if any of my bad bloodwork results could be the cause of this and if so what should i start eating or taking to get back to normal because its getting embarrassing.
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Hi Rosi,
I started getting symptoms in 2003.  Started out with tingling throughout my brain and entire body along with alot of other parathesias such as pins and needles and burning sensations in head and body.  Got extreme fatigue from time to time and had extreme weakness in legs along with balance problems.  Also, would walk crooked, slur my speech, trouble with memory and concentration, felt like something was crawling in my head, pain in my eyes, buzzing and clicking in my ears, legs hurt, muscle spasms in legs, twitches throughout entire body and alot of others symptoms if we ever continue this discussion and you have the time I might elaborate on those.  But that is a quick , short list of some of my symptoms.  Do you have any of these symptoms?  Last year I broke out with a rash on arms and legs.  Have you had any kind of a rash?  Like I said I have gone undiagnosed since 2003 and no one seems to have a clue what I have.  It is so disheartening.  I just wanna give up some times.  But, I will tell you this I have most recently had the pains in my body as well. I have also felt like my nerves were being constricted at times and something was clenching something in my body.  Most recently I have alot of movement in my body along with vibrations in my legs.  After my rash I got extremely ill a few times and had to go to the ER but they didnt have a clue what they were even doing.  ER's are a total waste of time and money.   They will let you die.  I hate going to the ER for anything.  Anyway, what kinds of docs have you seen?  I think I have some type of vasculitis but can't get the docs to agree.  My main question to you is are your symptoms throughout your entire body or centrally located to a certain area (as far as the tingling) goes anyway?  I am terrified every day of my life.  I am getting worse and worse and no one does anything for me.  I am feeling a strong pulse through out my entire body and am always aware of my heart beat.  Have you had MRI on brain?  Mine shows some small, white matter which some docs thinks mean something and Mayo doc doesn't think it means anything.  He says anyone can have white matter in their brain.  Don't go to Mayo whatever you do.  Well....my next stop if I live that long will be the Cleveland Clinic more than likely.  Will be awaiting your reply.
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Potassium is an electrolyte present in the intracellular fluid and is present in abundant quantity. It regulates the neuromuscular activity of the skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle. So, when the potassium level becomes low, it results in muscle malfunction and muscle twitchings.Numbness and tingling can be due to low potassium or low B 12 as both are related to it.

In addition to the blood tests, get an ECG of the heart done.There are changes in the electrocardiogram pertaining to hypokalemia(low potassium).

Treatment is by oral or intravenous potassium supplements .You can also take oral vitB12 after consulting a physician.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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i have all those symptoms in flare ups but i've also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago and have never been treated for it and never will treat it but i know when i get depressed my whole body gets out of wack and and thats usually when the symptoms occur.  I assumed thats its because i stop eating and i become malnurished. but for you i dont know if you mean a white matter lession, but just white matter is normal.  otherwise all ur symptoms sounds neurological have you tried to see a neuroligist?  If not dont waste ur time with any other doctor and see a nuerologist, who ever did your MRI talk to them and they can give you a referal and tell them to send the doctor your MRI
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Why won't you take meds for your bipolar disorder.  I know they may come with unpleasant side effects but you need to talk to your doc about changing meds if this is the case.  You really need to be on your meds so you can get better.  I am sure if you could get this part of your life under control the rest just may fall in line.  Good Luck!!
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at first i wasnt on meds because my mom refused to put me on them, then i decided i never want to be on them because i have friends that are on them, they look like robots and they said they feel like one too, i dont want to be like that.  Over the years i did therapy i take vitamins and st. johns wart, which works great, and i've been able to control it.  Besides this was a school social worker and two ignorant therapist who just threw it out there that they THINK im bipolar, i think i just have a short temper and get down when im too stressed out
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