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What could be causing my groin pain/numbness?

For years I was in very good health. The only exception was that my left thigh would tingle, burn and go numb. My lower back would on occasion too. Well, I got a kidney stone. The doctor first did lithotripsy. This was unsuccessful, so he went it and broke it up with something. I had a stent in for a week. As soon as it was out I felt okay. A week later I felt a burning in my penis and perineum and a constant urge to urinate. This has went on for two years. Tests showed there are no injuries or scars within my urethra or bladder. I do have some back pain as well. Recently I had an MRI that revealed the following:
T12-L1 and L1-2: Unremarkable. These levels were only studied in the sagittal plane.
L2-L3 and L3-L4: Moderate bilateral facet hypertrophy, otherwise unremarkable.
L4-L5: Moderate to severe bilateral facet hypertrophy contribute to mild to moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.
L5-S1: Disc protrusion together with moderate to severe bilateral facet hypertrophy contribute to mild to moderate narrowing of the outlet of the foramen. No canal stenosis.
Mild to moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing at L4-5 and L5-S1. Facet arthropathy in the mid and lower lumbar spine.
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Hello and welcome. So, your doctor didn't recommend anything for you with these findings?  Pfftt.  They should have in my opinion.  You have a narrowing of the nerve passageways in the spine.  Sure, that's going to cause some issues.  Or likely is the reason for yours.  There are non invasive strategies to try such as restorative yoga (you'd need a referral from your doctor to find someone who specializes in that), exercises (again, a physical therapist specializing in this kind of work), alternating hot and cold compresses in the area, nosteriodals.  But the've let that you go for two years?  yeesh.  It's mild to moderate which is good (not severe) but I'd certainly want a follow up to find a next step.  Let me know what you think of what I've written here!
Thank you for your response. I agree completely. I did see a spine specialist at Cleveland Clinic. They admitted that my spine had some issues. However, they said they could not see any nerve compression in an area that would be giving me these symptoms. They referred me to a urologist specializing in pelvic floor. He said that my pelvic muscles/nerves are stuck in chronic tension from stress then muscle guarding that took place during the surgery. Hope this is the case and I get relief. I have to see a PT and take Amitriptyline.
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Hey, thanks for answering back.  I'm glad you got to the Cleveland clinic. Sounds like they are taking good care of you. When do yo use the pt?
About two weeks.
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I have a disc herniation at L5 S1 and like you I have numbness and burning in my right thighs for years now but its now moved to my other thigh as well. The right is worse then the left but it's getting to the point no matter what position i am in the numbness is present.
Oh and mine says the herniation is causing impingement on the S1 nerve root. This is likely the cause of the numbness and burning for me..
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