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What do these bad symptoms add up to?

- strong smelling, cloudy urine for about a full month now
- sudden strong urge to urinate
- weird smell coming from inside of nose sometimes for about a month and half
- REALLY bad body odor  *I don't even sweat a lot*
(I wear mitchum deodorant, baby powder, and good hygiene habits, and fairly normal diet)
- use to have panic attacks but they went away and I haven't had one in like a month and half
- don't have much time for exercise, so sedentary lifestyle
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The strong smelling, cloudy urine and sudden strong urge to urinate, indicate a watework infection.  This can be anywhere from the kidneyes right down to the urethra.  

Make an appointment as soon as possible to see the doctor and take a sample of your urine.

A really bad body odor can be caused by what you eat (for example garlic), or if you are not emptying your bowels regularly.

As you do not exercise and have a sedentary lifestyle it sounds like your bowels are not regular.  A 15 minute walk every day as well as eating a healthy and balance diet with plenty of fruit and veg and plenty of water 2-3 litres is usually the recommended norm) should help.

If you are still having problems with regular bowels movements you may need to take something to help you go to the loo (not laxatives).

Having a cloudy urine is nevery a good sign.  And if it smells of kidneys or liver that definitely is a kidney infection that you have, even possibility of kidney stones.

Get it examined asap.

Best wishes.
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sound like you need to have a complete cbc count done and your sugar levels it might be a start of diabetes. good luck
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It looks like the other posters might have scared you a little bit.  This could be something as simple as a urinary tract infection.  Please get to your doc and let us know!
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urinary tract infection is the same as a kidney infection and a waterworks infection.  

Like I said in my posting a waterworks infection (urinary tract infection) can be anywhere from the kidney right down to the urethra.

Drink plenty of water 2-3 litres of water throughout the day.  See the doctor with a sample as soon as possible.

Urinary tract infections are serious and can lead to serious complications if not treated correctly.  Mild urinary tract infections can sometimes clear up on their own.

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Perhaps this is just a semantics issue.  We don't use the terms "waterworks" in the U.S., so I learned something new today.  Is this the common term for a UTI in the UK?  Also, it was my understanding that a UTI can start with the bladder before moving up to the kidneys.
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In the UK if you are not referring to your house pipes, but to yourself when you go to the loo, people do understand that waterworks problem is a urinary problem.  Although not strictly technically correct.  The doctor would actually say urinary or urinary tract infection.  But if you saw the doctor and said "I have a waterworks problem", he would know what you are referring to - unless you were talking about your household plumbing that is :)

UTI in fact is the same as in the US - Urinary Tract Infection.  
With a urinary tract infection this usually means that the infection can be anywhere along the urinary tract.  Kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra are all part of the urinary tract.  

If the doctor knows that the infection is in the kidneys, he usually says "kidney infection".  With bladder infections these infections are called Cystitis.

But whatever type of "waterworks" problem you have, it is very important to drink plenty of water even if it hurts when you pee and seek medical help.

In older people sometimes when they have a urinary tract infection, they do not always feel pain, they may just feel unwell and may signs of confusion.

Best wishes
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