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What is happening to me? - Help

I had all the symptoms like rash on face, sore throat, fungus on foreskin, tight foreskin, night sweat and chills.
Pain started in pelvic and than radiate to right foot. Especially in foot palm. Cant sleep with the pain.

Had unprotected oral sex 35 days ago (exposure :30 Oct - till 4 Dec)
Had covid on 31 oct - very mild symptoms and was ok after 10 days

Violent pain in right foot! sometimes numbness
Foreskin still tight.

Lymphocytes level : 24.10 ( 20% - 40%)

Please help me to understand
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You sound like you might have the unknown disease that we're talking about on Discord: https://discord.gg/w2v2MYVHCg
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Well I am still thinking about herpes (not HIV). A blood test for antibodies is available. Since you have tremors, a neurologist could also be helpful to rule other diseases out.
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Test / Observation    Result     Unit                Normal Range
WBC Count                    7.02      ×10^3/µL           4.50 - 11.00
Seg. Neutrophils         65.80          %                   40.00 - 70.00
Lymphocytes               24.10           %                   20.00 - 40.00
Eosinophils                   2.20           %                      0.00 - 10.00
Basophils                       0.10           %                       0.00 - 1.00
Monocytes                     7.80           %                       0.00 - 9.00
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Well the overwiev of your blodworks look just fine. That is the good news. Some infections and immune defficiencies are not seen in the overwiev. Some in depth analyses must be done like Immunoglobulines (how well are your B-Blyphocytes working), differentiaton of Lymphocytes (CD3+CD4+/CD3+CD8+, CD19+CD20+, HLA-DR+ etc.). But at this point I am not sure if this is really worth trying. Because of the pain and numbness I would test just for herpes (varicella zoster virus) first. If it is positive, first alleviate symptoms of that, then if the need arises, do more in depth tests.
Though if herpes are negative... Those aforementioned in-depth tests should be done. Those symptoms are nothing nice to have for longer periods of time.
Thanks a lot. Ive done an HIV test and the result is NON_REACTIVE / PCR test - NOT DETECTED ( 4 weeks after exposure) and as the HIV experts told me, there is not risk of HIV.


Do you have any ideas or what test should i do please? My doctor is not understanding what is happening to me. His colleague told him that maybe it the covid long haul symtoms. What do you think?

I have tremors in right hand and right foot and im only 25 yrs old.
Ask your doc what specialist you should see.  It just really doesn't sound like anything sexual based on what you did.  I have no idea what a tight foreskin is.  Fungal infections in that area are common and are usually caused by sweating and then being exposed somewhere to the fungus, which is usually though not always ringworm, or colloquially jock itch.  The foot sounds like your main problem here, and you need to see a specialist who can diagnose it.  General docs don't do that.  Getting ringworm is not a sign of a weakened general immune system.  It might indicate some problem with your beneficial organisms, which are usually adversely affected by taking antibiotics or eating too much sugar or other things but sometimes we just get exposed to these things when we're vulnerable.  They want to live, too.  But the foot has to be something and since your doc can't help you he needs to send you to someone who can.  Peace.
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Fungal infections usually indicate immune deficiency (not only the classic HIV, but also some other immune deficiency syndromes, some of which are congenital. Chills and night sweating are some of the so called b symptoms, which can be a sign of paraneoplastic syndrome).  One more thought- it could be herpes or other STD. Before you google all the things I wrote, I suggest you visit your doctor and get a test for herpes and quicktests for common STDs. If those are all negative for an acute infection, make a blood test with differentiation of white blood cells. Get well soon ;)
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All std test negative
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More Symptoms : Yellow saliva (Drool on pillow) + Nose bleeding and mouth bloody blisters
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Hello guys, any informations if covid can caused the symptoms above?
Not some of them.  Yes on others.  
Agree with Paxiled
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