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Woken up by heat rush in chest followed by chills and nausea

18yrs old; female;

I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux, the symptoms stretching up to three weeks ago. These three symptoms however just started about a week ago. I went to the clinic twice and both said it’s panic attacks and offered little to no solution. I’m at the end of my grade 12 semester and constantly being woken up between the hours of 1 and 4am for sometimes hours on end is making it hard to attend. I’ve missed a week already from it.

The three symptoms are the only ones present; the chills are almost always there right after I’ve been woken up and the nausea ranges from mild to really intense to the point I feel I may vomit but I never do. I can’t properly describe the heat the my chest, it doesn’t hurt, just startles me enough to wake me up. It feels as though it spreads through to my arms and legs some nights. The heat comes basically any time I try and sleep, I’m very rarely granted the chance to sleep longer than a few hours. Also, I’m just remembering the other day I fell asleep during the day and was woken up twice by my legs kicking out. All my other symptoms have been linked my my acid reflux and probable IBS.

Does anyone know what I can do about these symptoms? Any medication I can take? Is it something else?
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I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time!  The good news is that seeing a doctor has ruled out different things.  And you do indeed sound stressed and anxious.  When I was in college and wasn't sleeping well, studying, working all the time, I had fitful sleep.  I even would sleep walk.  This does not happen now.  Could you try something like melatonin (which you can get from any health food store) which may aid your sleep without making you groggy?  And do you have good habits like no caffeine after say 6 pm. limited eating and drinking from 7 or 8 pm on, dark, cool room?  White noise like a fan really helps.  I do have times when I'm roasting when I get up (typical for me) and then get cold and chilled and go back to sleep feeling cold and can't warm myself.  Not sure why.  I just roll with it and assume it is hormonal in my case.  

I know I'm of no help but I would try to reduce your stress. It's hard in school, but do your best.  Try to exercise during the day as well as that aids sleep and is a natural stress reducer.  

good luck
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