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Yellow scabs on wrist, arms, and hands?

Hi all. For the past 2 years have gotten little bumps(almost like acne, but tinier and are not acne.) Tiny bumps, that even when I don't pick at them turn into yellow scabs that open the skin and are a reverse bump and go into my skin(I'm sorry I'm blanking, I'm feeling a little nauseous this morning(unrelated) and my brain can't think of the word). They appear on my wrists and on my arms. They can vary in size, but when I pick at them they grow(learned this the hard way when I first got them. The first ones were quite large too. I still have the scars).
They leave scars, even if I don't pick at them(although those scars are small).

I have mentioned this to my doctor(I am a 14 year old female from northern/coastal New England). She said that she can't really do anything about it unless she actually sees them(at the time I had none, only the scars to show). she said "it's probably an infection" but I am not experiencing the symptoms of an infection.

These only appear in winter, and it is something I am extremely self conscious of. I usually put band aids over them, and even then I get asked questions about it. I tell people different things because I have no clue about what it is, and it stresses me out.

I will happily give more information and give answers to questions.
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Hey there, just browsing after asking a question myself, and thought I'd give my thoughts.

This sounds a lot like a bad case of Folliculitis. Some people are much more prone to getting folliculitis than others. The bumps are essentially inflamed and infected hair follicles. They can be caused by lots of things, including bacterial and fungal infections. It's not always caused by an infection—shaving can also cause folliculitis!

I also live in Northern New England, and have had folliculitis before - in the winter months! Folliculitis is much, MUCH more likely to appear during the winter months.

I would request that your parents take you to see a dermatologist. They'll prescribe anti-bacterial soap and antibiotic ointment if severe.

Also- just like many other ailments, stress can play a major role in the appearance of Folliculitis. Take a deep breath, you're going to be fine.
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