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dizziness and anxiety

O.K, here is my story:
last year I started having episodes of shortness of breath, where my hand would be shaking, and i had no control over my self. Also no apetite. Went to the ER several times. They did all kind of tests EKGs, Blood (including thyroid), urine, etc. Everything O.K. I was prescribed with xanax by two different doctors, but I didn't take it (completely against medicine). I kept having the symptoms and started to have new symptoms: palpitations, like I couldn't swallow (or a feeling tha i would swallow my own tongue), dry eyes, etc. Kept going to the ER and they kept sending me back. I must say that in all these episodes, I woulkd always feel better, actually symptoms free, the minute I got to the hopsital. Anyway, the last time I went to the hospital, the found a little abnormality in my EKG,and to make a ling story short, I ended up having and cardiac cath at age 23, along with all the possible heart exams (echocardiogram, blood tests, etc.) They didn't find anything wrong. I went home after two days in the hopsital, and gradually understood that my symptoms were caused by anxiety, and even though i keep feeling them, it is easier for me to calm down and not go into a panic attack.
My problem now is that about 6 months ago I had a terrible episode of dizziness, and for some reason I've been feeling constantly dizzy ever since. Doctor says it's due to anxiety, but it just hard for me to belive it because vene when i don't feel anxious, i'm dizzy. I don't get the sensation of spinning, I feel like I'm going to faint, or fall. Any comments, anyone???
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iv been having the same symptons for awhile now, my dr. said its stress/anxiety.try and not worry too much and see if you feel any better, if not go back to your dr.good luck, like i said try not to worry as iv found it makes things worse! all the best.
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iv been having the same symptons for awhile now, my dr. said its stress/anxiety.try and not worry too much and see if you feel any better, if not go back to your dr.good luck, like i said try not to worry as iv found it makes things worse! all the best.
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For the dizziness, you may want to try stopping the consumption of any sugar substitutes... like aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet, SugarTwin) or Splenda.  (Aspartame particularly.)  It's in about 6,000 products, so it's imprtant to read the labels of what you buy.  It's in OTC remedies, diet soft drinks, most chewing gum, low-fat foods (like yogurt and sugar-free cookies).

For panic attacks, you might want to check out REBT.  For general information on REBT, try http://www.rational.org.nz/public.htm
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Hi ,

I had similar symptoms plus discomfort in my upper back and tingling in my left palm
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Shame on the doctors for performing such a procedure and not realizing it was probaly just anxiety at such a young age. Or maybe their rent was due. I to suffer from panic attacks/generalized anxiety disorder and yes I do have many, many symptons including dizziness. You might want to get a new doctor. Who knows what kind of major test/operation he wil perform next time.
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Hi, I just had my first major panic attack and went to the emergency room. What triggered the panic attack was me losing balance and falling down. Like you I always feel dizzy. I've had three blood tests and three EKGs. I always get the same results everything is fine. I also had a ct scan and an MRI which was fin too.   I found this forum and I never considered my anxiety to be connected to my dizziness. In a way this is helping me cope. Thank you.
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me to i've been feeling dizzy(loss of balance)for months know
and im starting to think is anxiety.
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I want to be normal again

I understand (or think I do, anyway) exactly what you're going through.  I have been suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks for the past 7 years or so.  After taking medication following the birth of my son six years ago, I began to feel much better.  However, there were still those times that I would feel miserable with dizzy spells that would last for days.  About three months ago I stopped taking my Zoloft and just recently (about two weeks ago) I was struck again with one of those dizzy spells and it's still ongoing. The following is what usually happens...

I've had a stressful day (but not always) and I feel a pressure surrounding my head and I feel as if I'm going to faint, my head feels heavy...then comes the panic attack...it's very scary...then lingers on the dizziness with occasional headaches, weakness, tiredness, and sometimes even a tingling sensation on my head and always with an edgy feeling. No words can describe it.  I used to think the worst...that I may be having a stroke, could possibly have a brain tumor, etc. I've had several tests done in the past...have even gone to the emergency room a couple of times, but I along with doctors have come to the conclusion that it's anxiety.  

It's funny how some people will dismiss it by saying, "Oh, it was just a panic attack" or "it's just anxiety".  I feel, even to this day, that I have no control over this which has lead me to even become depressed.  Just yesterday I started taking my Zoloft again because the dizziness has just become too much.  Right now, as I sit in my apartment, I'm wondering how I'm even going to drive to work (one hour away) tonight. I think the best solution is cognitive-behavioral therapy.  I've been in therapy before and it helped significantly, but now I have no  health insurance and can't afford it.  I don't know what I will do.  I feel lost and alone, but it's helpful to know that I'm not alone.

Sorry, I wasn't of much help, but I can assure you that you are not alone either.

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I have been having very similar symptoms - have been to the ER twice with dizziness, head pressure & chest pains, convinced I was having a heart attack only to have a normal EKG & chest x-ray.  First diagnosis was anxiety, second was bronchitis.  I've had full bloodwork which was totally clear (my doctor even said he wishes he had my labs) and a second EKG which was normal. Even had a stress test which came back normal, although my blood pressure does border on the high side. I don't know if I'm still having panic/anxiety attacks or what, but my head still feels heavy, particularly at the back of head, near the base of the neck.  I have momentary feelings of what almost feels like weightlessness or a sensation of falling backwards and feeling "detached" from myself.  It's also worse when I drink alcohol.  Sometimes the pressure is so intense that I'm popping my ears all day and I have to rub my jaw joints.
Anyone else ever have this or know what I'm describing?  I keep telling myself it's just stress/anxiety but my body isn't responding which makes me think there might really be something wrong.
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i feel the same way
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I feel somehow the same way and is very upseting that all the doctors that I have gone to have not been able to tell be what is wrong with me, have been with cadiologists ECG, Echo, all normal I feel many sympthoms and I just cant figure it out, and all i can say is that I want my life back, I am a 33 year old male, smoke free, dont drink any alcohol and started suffering with this thing about 2 years ago, heart palpitations, shortness of breath all the time and specially while eating. My doctor says that is stress and thats it.
I think its all related to my stomach, I did had a ulcer caused by H polory and a small Hiatal hernia, buy my doctor told me that is got nothing to do with it.
Its all a mystery
I wish I could take a magic pill that will take me back to normal
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Hi everyone from Australia. Laral and luisflo, what you have both written is exactly what I have experienced over the last 9 months. I have beaten the "panic attacks" and when I feel one coming on I can stop it.

But what triggers it is what you are describing. The heavy head, the dizziness, the pain in the back of my head/neck, tingiling in the hands, feet etc. I too have had all the tests, the doctors love my results.

Sometimes I just get a weird feeling and that sends me dizzy etc. I don't have to explain it, you all know what I am talking about. The more I read guys, the more I believe what we are suffering is purely what we are doing to ourselves (not that we want to, believe me!)

Everytime I get the feeling of impending doom/death/fear/dizziness/nausea or any combination of those, nothing happens. I do not pass out, I do not have a heart attack, I do not have a stroke/brain tumour, I do not have stomach cancer etc.

Guys, from the reading I have done, the more power we give it (believe something will happen) the greater the effect it has. I still have the odd occasion when I believe there is something else sinister at work, but then nothing happens. In fact when I face my fears(say a major presentation at work) or exercise hard, it actually goes away. Crazy I know ( and no we are not going crazy). I will let you know if I find the magical solution but for now it is not to give in, face the fear and exercise frequently and eat good food as often as you can.

Lastly, just when you think things have gotten better, it will come back with vengence. It is your body/mind reacting strangely to feeling good again. DO NOT LET IT WIN.

My thoughts are with you all. Good luck in the battle.


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